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Jan 27, 2014

Ali shishi guta chari pangichi aliju wucuna! 
(Hello my dear family, hope y'all are having a great day!)
Me with Cui (guinea pig) food at church (don´t know why it was there......) 
it was probly the Bishop´s for his cui farm -- heheheh

WOW what incredible news I got from all y'all this week! I am so thankful for such incredible fam and friends. Y'all are the Keep up the great work! 

Well, this week was awesome. We got the Liahona again (like Christmas, every time. Except this time it was 4980 times more exciting because it was in ENGLISH) Can someone tell me what the difference is between Ensign and Liahona? My companion and I have been going crazy wondering -- hahaha. We worked a lot with less active people and found some new people to visit as well. My companion Hermana Oropeza got sick and then I got way sick too but no big deal, we still went out and proselyted (is that a word?) No worries, I´m better now! (and a little skinnier hahahah, yay) We got a ton of references (which are so fun to go contact because usually members come along) and so that was great. We had a great baptism. We thought we were gonna have to go to the cascada de peguche (Peguche Waterfall) because the font broke... There is NEVER a smooth baptism hahah, Satan tried hard but did not win (he will never win, duh). We got it to work! All is well, all is well. 

I really love hymns, they make me so happy. We are learning a couple in Kichwa. OH and we got our Books of Mormon (Book of Mormons?..... hehe the best two years) In KICHWAAA, so stoked. Even though it looks like someone just sat on the keyboard for seven hours. But we are reading it, bit by bit. 

I am like, super ADD in this email -- hahah,  sorry. I´m just the happiest Christmas tree. 

Waria got baptized!! I WAS SO HAPPY! Well, I AM so happy! It was crazy because he is the first person that I actually contacted, found, taught, and baptized. I truly got to see his progression. It's magical! The Gospel is amazing! He knows like everyone in Peguche, and everyone knows him, and when we told people about his baptism (to invite them) they looked at us like we were crazy. ¨HIM?!¨ they asked. Yes, him. He used to drink a lot and was a hippy and what not. But we don´t judge him; we just taught him because it was evident that he had great desires to learn. Now he´s super stoked and really really really understood how profound the covenant he was making with the Lord was, and respects it. He introduced us to his family and wants to introduce us to a ton of his friends. He´s happy now - he found something to fill the hole in his heart that he was looking for. WOOO. 

Us with Waria at his BAPTISM!!!!!

Everything is great over here. Just want to let yall know that the Church is TRUE. There is no doubt in my miiiind.

John 3:30. He must increase, and I must decrease. He > I !

Love all y'all. I am thankful for each and every one of y'all.
Say yo prayersssssssssss y'all,
Hermana Bowman

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