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Feb 17, 2014

Workin' in the Lord's Vineyard

Well hello,

This week was awesome. I got mijita ('daughter'), Hermana Rojas from Cochabamba, Bolivia. SUCH a sweetheart, she is absolutely amazing and a little sponge. She learns so fast and came SUPER prepared. She´s crazy sweet. We are opening Quinchuqui and it´s been great. Quinchuqui can hardly be classified as a branch, it's more like a twig. But the members that are there, are super amazing. 
All the trainers with the greenies (the new 'babies').

Me when I recieved mi hijiiiiiiiiiiiiita.

So I thought Peguche was the middle of nowhere. Nope, that would be Quinchuqui. It´s a mountain pueblo. The people are 95% Catholic and the other 4% are Evangelists, but we are loving it. Hermana Rojas is just as outgoing as me, it's way fun opening up a sector because we are basically starting from 0 and just contacting anything that breathes. 
Our view from our new house.

It's carnaval (Carnival) now, so we are dodging waterballoons, buckets of water, silly string, flour, and anything else people try to throw on us. There's also something called Pawkar Raymi! It's this big soccer tourney in Peguche (where we live since Quinchuqui is dangerous) and it's crazy how many people are here!

Us picking berries for a service project.

We did a ton of service projects this week as well! Yayyyyyyy. Also, Hermana Henderson and I bonded over our fave gringo dances (stanky leg, dougie, souljaboi, etc) It´s so fun when the zone gets together because now theres 5 missionaries from the states hahah yay! USA, USA. 

I converted Hermana Henderson to be a Utes fan (She's a BYU coog).

Hymns are my favorite, and I can honestly say that MoTab is now in my top 5 faves.
Fe de Febrero is going great, we are continuing to see great results!

Workin' in the Lord´s vineyard.

This is truly the Lord´s work and I know, without a doubt, that He is there with us every step of the way. Fasting and prayer are such amazing tools that we have to get closer to the Spirit and also increase our relationship with our Heavenly Father who loves us SO dang much, and our big brother, Jesus Christ.

3 "generations": me, my 'mother' (trainer), and her 'granddaughter' (my new comp)

I totally ran out of time this week, but I wanna let all y'all know how much I love y'all!
Oh and shoutout to Taylor and Colton for getting engaged!!!!!!!!!!!! So stoked for y'all.
Say your prayers and go to chuuuuuuuurch,
Hermana Bowman

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