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Apr 15, 2014

Short and sweet...

Hola (hello) fambam. 

the dance outfeeeeeeet (outfit)

QUITO ECUADOR BEBEEEEEEEEEE. We stay reppin´. (This is in downtown Otavalo approximately 47 minutes ago.)

Our zona (zone) at a service project on Saturday.  It was way fun and we got to wear the cool vests. I wanted to keep the cool vest. The vest was very cool. I suggested that they even send this pic in to the Liahona magazine due to the coolness of the vest.

Here I am modeling the cool vest.

The gringo (American) fambam, the Marlows (who frequently email my momma, and are from the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS... sent my momma a video of us all saying hi. 

Short and sweet...

This week was great! I love Quinchuqui (it's way special) and being a missionary.  This is truly a wonderful time to be able to serve God!
I know that this gospel is true! It changes lives. I have seen it happen.
Don't worry about me, I am happy and healthy (FINALLY). Thank you for all y'alls emails this week. There's a ton of pics this time since I didn´t really have time to write a novel this week. 

We didn't have mamitas (members who feed us) all week, so we cooked erry day. It was delicious.

Mormon helping hands swag swag

cutest wittol puppies in the woiiiiild

Pablito´s b-day! The big 15.


Fave fambam (Elena, Alfonzo, Wuary, Jean Pierre, Mayra) last night at a fun noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) we had.

Us with the two Dianas at their open house this morning. They were doing a cool dance with these sweet fluffy skirts.

Me and my favorite little man, Johnny. He´s 9 and he used to be super travieso (mischievous), but now he´s being better and better behaved.

Say your prayers and go to church!
Love you all,
Hermana (Sister) Bowman

Our new mission cell phone, CHECK IT OUTTTTTTTTTTT.
(JK!!!!!) (Look closely.  It's a"Blackberry" water game.)

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