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Nov 30, 2013



Here I am, Hermana Bowman, in Ecuador. I´m in Otovalo, Peguche. (well I´m actually in a sketch internet cafe). I´m at like 8 degrees and 22 degrees?? Idk I saw that on a hostel sign next to our apartment. It´s like a 2 hour bus ride North of Quito. I´m the first white girl (gringa) that has been sent to this sector. It's PURE indigenous people. They all are always wearing their traje tipico, which kinda looks like the Costa Rica one, but a little different. All the guys have long hair in a braid down their back. They´re like pure Lamanite decent. It´s SO cool. Soooo cool. The Spirit of this land is incredibleeeeeee, the Book of Mormon literally comes alive here. I love it. except... THEY ALL SPEAK QUICHUA a language that is NOTHING like Spanish, and the ward is in complete Quichua. Totally. Soooo that´s interesting to say the least............ yeah

We have mamitas, who are members who feed us lunch every day except Pdays, and they LOVE us, and the way they show love is BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG portions. I´m talkin huge. I will confesss that I took a ziploc bag the last 2 days. While they leave the room I scoop half my plate into my backpack hahah, my comps copied me. ITS JUST A LOT OF FOOD- but I´m always thankful, especially since this week is Thanksgiving back home. Speaking of thankful, I am veryyyy thankful for washing machines, a luxury we do not have here in Peguche. 

I catch myself saying chuuuuta a lot (like the word shoot) and doing the little thing with your hand where you hit your pointer finger on your thumb and middle finger, you know, the thing all the RM´s do... hahahaha. 

The roads are dirt and it rains a lot, sooooo I have lots of muddy shoes ha.

Well this week has been a whirlwind. I know that the Lord has a lot of trust in me... Missions are hard. Buuuuuuuut that´s why I´m here, and I know I can do it, through Christ.  It´s interesting that the culture is so different here compared to even Quito (I got to spend three days there, training). I´m embracing it up here though. I have become even closer with my Father in Heaven and Christ the past 5 days. Prayer Prayer pppraaayer, constantly. I can´t do this alone! I feel like I´m on an emotional rollercoaster, but when we are out working, or when I´m studying, I am able to concentrate on others, and that helps a LOTTTTTT. 

Besides all the emotions (I´m such a girl, ugh), the work is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICCCC. Our 21 year old investigator Armando got baptized on Friday, he has SUCH a strong testimony, I love it so much. He´s leaving for Spain on Thurs so we hope he will keep going to church. We also had a reeeeeeeally incredible experience with Cristina, another investigator who got baptized on Sunday morning. We visited her Saturday night, do give a little lesson and see how she felt about taking that great step the next day. She was very excited about it, and we were happy. When we went to go pick her up the next morning, she wasn´t ready and told us she changed her mind- she didn't feel ready anymore. Hermana Nogales and I talked to her, explaining the importance of baptism, (she didn´t get baptised the last two fechas that were set, and the elders have been tryna dunk her for the past year) and the Spirit was DEFINITELY there, it aws incredible. She decided to go get ready. 10 minutes later, she came back out and had changed her mind again, all of the sudden I felt the Holy Ghost telling me to testify to her. I don´t even remember what I said, because they weren't my words, but I do remember all three of us balwing our eyes out and then feeling so very happy to see her eyes light up and to see her determination to go through with her decision. It was the coolest thing to see her come out of that water, and see how amazingly happy she was after recieving the Holy Ghost. I love this work, I love this Gospel. I love seeing the Atonement work on people. AHHHHHH its so incredible. We are working with this kid Johnathan, a 14 year old, he only has to come to church one more time and then we can baptize hiiiiiim! He´s the cutest, and has a rock hard testimony already. It´s incredible.

The highs are deeeeeeeefintely worth the lows. I feel like I Need Thee Every Hour would be an appropriate theme hymn for this week, hahah. I spend more time praying than not. When I walk, shower, eat, study, alllllllllll day errrry dayyyyyyy.

I got really sunburnt today during personal study outside. haha oops. I´m closer to the sun I guess, 

OHHHH MY GOSH THE TOILETS FLUSH STRAIGHT DOWN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no swirlies. so tight.

We live across the street from a bar (YAY CONTACTING POSSIBILITISE GALORE! Hhahah word of wisdom pamphlets are getting low)

I literally cried when I saw white tourists yesterday speaking ENGLISH! haha neverr thought I would miss a language. 

I LOVED a broadcast all of South America had this Sunday about La Obra De Salvacion. Our barrio made goals, and a lot of the barrio attended, I was very happy to see that. I know that we can continue to rescue those who may be or feel lost (menos activos and conversos recientes). I´m so thankful!!

I´m learning how to be a missionary slowly but surely. The scriptures are incredible, I love them so much. They are a fountain of love, knowledge, and comfort. 

I can feel yalls prayers, so THANK YOU SO MUCH

Talk to y'all next week!!

Hermana Bowman

ps- Please dont send packages that weigh more than 5 lbs because then i have to pay 100 dollars, and im poor so yeah. also, emails are the best because i´m out in the boonies so we never get mail......... thanks love y'all

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