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Sep 21, 2014

I have like 10 mins


No one will EVER love their mission as much as I love my mission!! :) 

Noble patria, tu hermosa banderaaaa! Expresión de tu vida no daaaa, bajo el límpido azul de tu cieeeeeelooooooooo! (that´s all I remember of the national anthem. We used to stand up and sing that every Tuesday at Pan American School in San Antonio de Belen. Ohhh, the memories.) 

Bueno entonces this week has been pretty good! I have gotten to know the sector, and the people. It´s really awesome. We have A LOT of area to cover. Lots of walkin', and lots of dust, and lots of giant lomas (HILLS THAT KILL). The ward is great. El Edén was probs the most organized ward I´ve even been in, even better than Costa Rica... it was like being in the states. BUT here, we don´t have a ward mission leader or any ward missionaries. But it´s all good, we´re workin´ hard. 

The missionaries in our ward. Six - WOO!!! Crazy. 50% American. Gringo power LOL. 

Dang, I totally need to learn how to budget my time better... I have like 10 mins. So I´m just gonna go ahead and copy and paste what I wrote to the Pres and then add stuff in here and there. 

I found a quote by President Monson that I really like this week, ¨Nuestro Padre Celestial está al tanto de nuestros necesidades y nos auxiliará cuando pidamos Su ayuda. Yo pienso que ningún asunto nuestro es demasiado pequeño o insignificante. El Señor participa en los detalles de nuestra vida.´ And this is just so true! I feel SO close to my Father in Heaven and I KNOW without a doubt that He is SO SUPER aware of our situations. Aaaand oops, I don´t know it in English, sorry. 

This week, I have found myself wanting to talk to my Father in Heaven ALL THE TIME. I always want to be in contact with Him. I see my scriptures and I just want to read them all! My soul truly is hungering as Enos said. This is so awesome for me, because I haven´t ever felt this way before, I mean, I have, but never ever this strong. I am really seeing changes in myself! I can´t imagine the person that I would have been if I had chosen not to serve a mission. I´m so grateful to my Father in Heaven and His hand that has and will keep guiding me through life. I continually want to become closer to Him and my Savior, Jesus Christ.


We had 9 people at church on Sunday! OH MY GOSH IT WAS AWESOME. It´s really great to be working with the M family. They are so excited to learn more and have really good questions. I love when people ask questions because it means that they truly wanna learn and that this really means something to them. We taught about compromises (promises) and how they need to cumplir (complete) them because they´re commiting themselves with God, not with us. And it was so great to see the lightbulb click in their heads. 

Fam M!!!! Love them, they´re the best. Also from la costaaaa. THEY LOVE THE BOOK Of MORMON! Me too.. 

Me and this supa sassy girl hahaha, I love her.

PATACONES!!!!!!!!!! Obsessed with this fam. They wouldn´t let us leave until we ate patacones. They're from the coast. It´s green banana that is fried. So good. They eat it with cheese and a fried egg and then hot milk. Ha. 

As I keep studying Preach My Gospel, I´m finding more and more doors being opened to teaching and helping others. It´s a marvelous tool. I hope that all y´all have a copy in your home. If you´re a fam, the best chapter to start studying as a fambam would either be chapter 6, which talks about Christlike attributes, or ch 5, which talks about the Book of Mormon. Or chapter 1, which talks about the obra missional (Missionary Work). Or just read the whole thing, yeah? haha. 

Me and my fave, the prophet, holler holler. Get ready for General Conf, yall!

I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. It´s so perfect and inspired. There´s way to much to write. Y´all can just read my study journal when I get home. I love how it says the word diligence SO often, and when the people would descuidarse un poco (stop being a little careful) then they would fall into the pride cycle. Watch out! Something I positively loved from my personal studies this past week was 2 Nefi (Nephi) 33. Such a good chapter. GO read it! Nephi is such a boss, dang. 


Being happy is a choice. Isn't it awesome that WE have the power to CHOOSE!?!? It's SUCH A blessing. We can choose. It's just so awesome. Any kind of weather is good weather, whether it's raining or sunny. We choose how we look at things!! Perspective and attitude is everything. 


Con amor (With love),
Hermana (Sister) Bowman 

PS  If y'all could keep my investigator families in y'alls prayers, it would be much much much appreciated! 

Pause for dramatic effect... ZE MOOOOOOOOOOOON! (lol, Gru) This is the gorgeousness we get to witness every night. So bright! ALL THINGS DENOTE THAT THERE IS A GOD. 

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