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Nov 6, 2014

Hello world

Hello world.

Well, we taught a lesson with Vinizio, one of the Otavaleños, and NEVER in my LIFE have I testified sooooo hard in a lesson. The Spirit was SO strong. Like, SO SO SO STRONG. This week, I have felt the Spirit so much. This Church is UNDENIABLY true. AHHH it´s so great to be a missionary.

Us with Luz Carime and her kid MArlon after we made CHILEAN SALSAAAAAA. I´m tellin y'all, I know how to cook now :) 

Today we went to the park with some of our investigators, since it´s Fiestas de Cuenca (Party of something) and it´s a feriado (holiday) --- it was fun, we played capture the flag and ritmo agogo. I feel like I´m 12 sometimes hahaha. Then we ate McDonalds and there were toys from some weird movie I´ve never heard of, The Book of Life? I think that's how it translates into English. But yeah, I'm so behind the times. 

Us at the park today

We've been experiencing lots of opposition, like from Satan. It´s actually really creepy. I have SO MANY mission stories, ha. But it goes to show that we are working on the battle line right up against Satan, but OBVIOUSLY he's never gonna win. But it's pretty insane sometimes. I am so SO grateful for the Holy Ghost which guides and directs us as missionaries and also for the power of the Priesthood here on the earth. I know that guardian angels truly exist :) 

Trolly adventures. This is right before we all fell. I can't believe that people have drivers´ licenses here. 

GOT TO SEE MY HIJA ('Daughter" meaning sister missionary that I trained)!!!!!!!!!! HERMANA ROJITAS I HAD MISSED HER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best day ever

I have to go renew my visa in Quito on Thursday, woop woop. It´s been 365 days already, whaaaaaa?! CRAZY. 

Halloween doesn't exist here but everyone celebrates Día de los Difuntos, aka day of the dead and they eat colada morada (BEST STUFF ON EARTH, its like a purple drank with piña (pineapple) and all this other fruit mixed into it, but it´s hot and thick and just heaven in a cup) And guaguas de pan. Aka bread babies. Where they decorate a bread shaped in a baby shape and there´s like jam inside of it. DELISH. And we were geniuses and decided to fast on Saturday and Friday. OOpppps. I love Ecuatorian traditions though. It´s so cool. Culture just fascinates me. 

COLADA MORADAAAAAAA yumyumyumymuy. Our recent converts/investigators made us some.

Elders and their cute Halloween ties

We dressed up for Halloween. The Princesas de Pusuquí, jejejej.


The church is true, God loves us, Jesus is the Christ.
Make good choices. 
Keep the commandments :)

& I said churrrrch, preach. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE all y'aaaaallllllllllllll
Hermana (Sister) Bowman

PS. There´s like 6 othere really cool spiritual stories I have for y'all PERO NO ME ALCANZA EL TIEMPO (BUT THERE'S NO TIME) asi que disculparán no más :) Sorrrrrry. 

The OFELIA ZONE. Wut wut, represent the middle of the earthhhhhhhhh.

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