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Nov 24, 2014

Hospital for 9 hours Yesterday


I found´s Pandora Christmas music station and am literally the HAPPIEST Christmas tree at the moment.
I have no time because I was trying to prepare my future and apply for colleges, ewww. The real world can wait.
Picture stories today, so sorry... 

We finished the Book of Mormon in 90 days! It was absolutely incredible, it´s totally the word of God. 

Come GRATISSSS!!! (Eat FREEEEEE!!!)  Our mamita wasn't home so we ate on the street for free. 

Dogs are crazy in Ecuador.

Took the wrong bus and TOTALLY got lost for an hour. Got off to take pics.

Found our twins in grafitti. 

Our house had mold and fungus and so many things growing in it. It was super scary. We used gloves. Found some random Elder´s christmas stockings... 

Found Saran wrap in the move and had some fun. 


The wall in front of our ex-house.

Played UNO in the new house. Reminded me of Family Home Evenings past. 

My poor comp in the hospital. Just know that it is the BIGGEST miracle she´s alive. 
Super long story. Will tell next week. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Count your blessings. :) 
I love you all, make good choices and say your prayers!!! 
Con amor (with love),
Hermana (Sister) Bowman

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