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Apr 15, 2015

:) hashtag perseverance

Hello fam-o-lee,

EL CORAZON de Imbabura - it's pretty tight.  There's a heart on that volcano. There's also a legend but it's too long to type, heh.  I can see all three of my sectors I've had in Otavalo. I can see Peguche, Quinchuquí, and Otavalo, and I'm in Cotama. It's pretty cool. 

Well, this week was like a rollercoaster. I am getting used to the sector and getting to know all of the people, all the leaders and whatnot. We contacted almost 150 people trying to find new people to teach. We found 3 families and are teaching 2 from before but none of them came to church. We even did divisions to go pick them up. But, that's life. 

We'll just keep working hard this coming week :) hashtag perseverance. We only have like 2 less actives to work with but they don't really want anything to do with us, or just aren't ever home. On Sunday I asked to have the directorio de miembros (member directory), lista de acción (action list), lista de liderazgo (leader list), 20 direcciones desconocidas, (unknown addresses) and the list of the converts in the last 3 years. It's been good. I am trying to do my best in this sector, I feel I need to apply all the things that I have learned up until now. NO PRESSUREEEE.

This is my new sector.

I have been reading big chunks of the Book of Mormon every day. It's like windows to heaven, I love it so much. I feel like every time I read, I learn so much more and my testimony deepens. Multiple times I have just felt the biggest desire to have the people we teach and contact to REEEADD IT! Just read it! Read it and they will find so much joy! It's something you can't really even explain so you just have to testify your little heart out. There's lots of stuff from my studies I wish I could share witchall. I was reading in 3rd Nephi this week and WOW. It's just so incredible to picture yourself among those in the multitude, no? 

Sindy was baptized this week and I was blessed to go since it's close by :) And Hna. (Sis.) Pérez got to go too! Hahha and a ton of missionaries from our zone were there to support as well, because they heard about her every week for three months and were all super stoked about her decision! It was so incredible, y'all. The night before, I was looking through my two agendas from when we started to teach her. I read my journal toooo. She was deffff our milagro de marzo (Miracle of March). She had a tough situation with her parents but she had really gone through the process of faith, repentance, and now, baptism.

I've seen her faith grow as she has applied and experimented with the Gospel like it says in the book of Alma. I think that it really clicked for her when we taught about the Plan of Salvation, it gave her a lot of surety and she was able to really feel our Heavenly Father and Savior's love when she found out that there was life before this and there will be life after.

I remember one thing that really stood out to me, that she said Mormons are happy, and that she wanted to be happy too! She always wanted to know how, and would ask her brother (who is less active and was baptized three years ago) but he didn't give her the answers she was looking for. Elder Leal, our District leader, let us know that in her interview she said that God had answered her prayers when we started to teach her, she found the answers she had longed for. It was her time!

There is no bigger joy than that of being the instrument to bring one to this happiness. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARYYYYYYYYY.

At the Zone Meeting this past week, I found out I have even more "children" (meaning people that I helped to train)!!! A son, and a step son! 2 daughters, and a stepdaughter - muahahha - so weird. You know you're old in the mission when you have descendants (idk how to even spell that word).

K-well, y'all should email me and tell me which talk y'all liked the best from conf conf! :)
LOVE ALL Y'ALL, you are continually in my prayers :)


Con amor (with love),
Hermana (Sister) Bowman 

PS I MET A KID NAMED MICHAEL STEPHEN!!!!!!! Shout out to my brother Michael boyyyyyyyyy. 

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