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Apr 1, 2015

I hit and broke the water pipe...

fave fam on the planet

Well it's official. Today I got my trunky paper (the paper where you hafta fill out all your personal info for the flight plans and whatnot.......) WHAT THE HECK - nonononono. Literally never thought this moment would come. 

We had a cool little miracle. During my first cambio (transfer) in the mission, while I was in Peguche (LIKE 16 months ago....), we found a cool lady and her two kiddos. Maryuri, Miguel Angel, and Corina. It was a miracle how we found them. When we were on the bus earlier that day, they had seen us and were wondering about who we were and stuff but we didn't get the chance to contact them. Then, that evening, we helped them with their bags 'cuz we saw them on the street and then taught them the Restoration in their home. The three of them came to church that Sunday! When we went back to visit them later that week, they were moving to Otavalo. We lost contact. 

THEN, last week, WE SAW THEM AGAIN! I have no idea how I remembered Maryuri's name (the Spirit) it was really awesome! She said that she was spiritually hungry and wanted to get closer to God. We have taught them and the kiddos accepted fecha (date for baptism). She's not married. They had a tour with the primary President and they came to church this Sunday! It was great. She came to the Women's Conference and said it was exactly what she was needing and felt that GOD was speaking to her. She has also been reading the Book or Mormon. It's so beautiful to see her conversion begin to bloom. I can really tell that the Lord is mindful of each of us. She's been fighting a lot with her partner and she thinks that she's going to go back to Colombia. Before, I would have been kinda sad because I wouldn't be the one baptizing her, but now I JUST WANT HER TO BE CONVERTED! I want to see her apply the Gospel to her life, and I want her to be happy with her kids. I want her to find God. :)

Sindy's baptism will be the 11th, con fe (with faith). She's super stoked about everything and really sure that THAT specific date is perfect for her. I´m so happy! Our prayers have been answered. We´ve been teaching her since January and there have been lots of speed bumps, but she's becoming truly converted. I am so proud of her. Long story short, she's chosing the Gospel over her family. She is SUCH a good example. Dang, I look up to her. Please pray for her if y'all can! :) 

We dug a ditch this week at a member´s house with a bunch of Elders (I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SERVICE PROJECTS!) It's so fun to roll around in the mud and serve and get free corn-on-the-cob from the members.  I hit and broke the water pipe... Typical Hermana Bowman move -- hahahaha, oops.

We also served at the local hospital taking food to all the patients. So fun. We got to see the little babies that were like 3 days old! LITTLE BUNDLES OF ANGELIC JOY STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN! Ahhhhh, so cute. All the people were sooo nice to us! I wish everyone was always like that, ha. No one shut the door in our face:) Why? Because we had food. Maybe we will go tracting and contact people with food. Manna! Hahahaha, okay no, sorry sorry.

We've got a lot of investigators we have been teaching and we have great lessons with them but it's kinda tough for them to keep commitments, which makes it tough for them to actually progress. But we've got some progressing. I think that I'm gonna get transferred out of this ward on Sunday. It's just a guess though. I've never stayed in a ward for more than three transfers and if I stay, this would be my fourth. BUT we shall see what happens. It's all the Lord's will, ya knooooow?

I found a great little nugget of sunshine in my personal study yesterday, Alma 40:25, ¨And then shall the righteous shine forth in the kingdom of God.¨ I've been thinking lots about how obedience makes us glow. Glow with faith, glow with confidence, glow with the Spirit. There was a phrase in one of the musical numbers of the Womens sesh of Conference, "We love Thy law, We will obey." I just love that. I testify that blessings and happiness come as we are obedient and righteous. :) 

SO STOKED FOR CONFERENCEEEE! I want all y'all to let me know what y'alls fave talk is! Lemme know, lemme knowww! :)

Remember who yall are and always make good choices! ¨Decisions determine destiny¨ -the prophet

Con MUCHISIMOOOOO amor (With a WHOLLLLLE lots of love,) 

Hermana (Sister) Bowman


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