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Jul 29, 2013


Okay y'all. I have a super fun story to tell, so gather round :)
SO, we had just finished hiking the Y, and were just being typical Mormons hanging out in Provo listening to Mom and Rick talk about their old stomping grounds at BYU and whatnot. Rick suggested that we go check out the Sister Missionary Mall (it's not a legit mall, it's just a store, but a WAY cute store at that) because he had been to the Missionary Mall with Jordan in April when they came up to visit for Conference. So we all agreed to go give it a looksie. (even the boys, which I was surprised and appreciative of, because they know how long I can take when I get into SHOPPING MODE, but of course they stayed in the car, ha!)
So I walk in and I immediately hug a mannequin dressed in possibly the cutest chevron shirt I have ever laid eyes on, my embrace is interrupted by a greeting by THE cutest girl ever, and we immediately connect when we realize we are both loud, bubbly, happy girls who both speaka da español. (its amazing how quickly you can connect with someone when you have stuff in common like that) Turns out that Kellie served in Argentina!! (FAVE PLACE EVER, I lovelovelove their accents! SHO, instead of YO) So I asked her to help me find just some basics, because I knew I'd be paying with my own hard-earned moooolah. She guided me to some way cute skirts and she began to tell me that they can be washed in a bucket (total plus), they breathe, they're pretty much indestructible, etc, etc. And then I couldn't help but try on some shirts! THEY WERE ALL SO CUTE- ITS LIKE I STEPPED INTO PINTEREST OHHHH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSSSS! So after my arms were about to fall off because I was holding enough clothing to clothe half of Provo, I went and tried stuff on. I painfully narrowed it down to about 3 skirts and 4 shirts... and a neon pink belt (girl has GOT to have her accessories). I sat down on one of their extremely comfy couches by the dressing rooms and added stuff up with my momma. When to my utter astonishment, she agreed to pay for them, YAY! I was so happy. So we make our way to the checkout line, and this guy comes up to me with a microphone, followed by another man holding one of those heavy duty cameras! They asked me if I could answer a couple questions for them. OKAY YALL I HAD ROLLED OUT OF BED, GONE ON A HIKE, and had ZERRRRRRO makeup on... But I still said yes hahhha. This is how the interview went:
"So are you planning on serving a mission?!"
-"Yes sir!"
"Where are you going?"
"When do you leave?!"
What are you most excited about, why do you want to serve, what do you know about the country (THEY EAT GUINEA PIGS LIKE CRAZY THERE...), and other questions of the sort...
"So we're here from Deseret First Credit Union, and we are just getting the story on Sister Missionaries and their preparation for their missions... But the reason we are here at Sister Missionary Mall is so we can help a few of the sisters out. So, we'd like to cover all your purchases today"
-"WHAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!" followed by me bawling and attempting to say thank you over and over and over and ooooooverrrr again!
"Yeah, so if you need shoes, or luggage, or anything else, go grab it!"
-"I love y'all. You have no idea what a blessing this is! AAAH THANK YOUUUUU"
Turns out they picked 5 sisters to do that for, and I WAS ONE OF THEM!!! Eeeee! They also did 15 boys the week before at Missionary Mall. A REALLY cool story is linked here.
So then I felt like I was a princess on Christmas morning, going around the store with my new BFF Kellie, picking everything I needed out. I was honestly still in shock! I kept going back over to the guys and thanking them, and asking them more about what they're doing. Here's a great video of all the guys from last week, which explains everything!!! :)
I am so thankful and SO incredibly blessed to have had this amazing miracle happen in my life. I don't even know what I did to deserve this! I love the quote by Jefferey R. Holland from the April 2012 General Conference "Surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don't expect it and often feel they don't deserve it" I am so so so thankful! I still can't believe it! Honestly, the day before, I went to Heavenly Father in prayer and pleaded with Him to help me find a way, whether it was getting a higher paying job, or just working out a different plan of action, so that I would be able to afford clothes and the amount that I will be contributing to my mission fund each month, I was concerned with finances and how everything would work out, and I was just asking for some comfort, knowing that eventually I would receive an answer of what it was I could do to earn extra money. Then, NOT EVEN 24 HOURS LATER!? THIS HAPPENS! I am so sure that God is EXTREMELY mindful of all of us, and He has the PERFECT timing, no matter what. This is the biggest load simply lifted off my shoulders, and now I have even more time to spiritually ready myself :) I could totally feel my dad there as I envisioned wearing all these clothes in Ecuador, teaching all the people. He was always the best to shop with!!
Here's what I was blessed to get! (Also, this will help girls see what kind of clothes are good for the mish! I know I have stalked COUNTLESS missionary blogs trying to find good ideas for outfits and whatnot)

 scarves galore! according to may favorite, SISTA D (bella in berlin) they are the secret weapon to making an outfit look a bit different even though you've worn the same skirt and shirt approximately 23902 times already!! (LIKE TIES FOR BOYS) it spices things up!!
 Basic skirts!! (the ones you can wash in buckets hehe) And a couple cute ones with pleats and pockets!
 The picture makes the dress look pink, but it's actually more coral-y! & then Kellie convinced me to get the jungle book one on the right, hahahah
 SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS! EEEK! As you can tell, I love me some chevron!
 3/4 and LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS! eeeeeek! Love them all! Belts will look especially cute with the black and white one and the yellow.
 So, Kellie said that a REALLY good bag (top left) is essential when you're lugging around 98 lbs. of Books of Mormon (BOOK OF MORMONS??? hahah Best Two Years reference), so she said it's deff worth it to sacrifice fashion for comfort. :) laundry bag, microfiber towels (because in south america, it literally takes a week for normal towels to dry, plus they're extremely compact) DEEEET mosquito repellant!, a KANGA (passport and money holder that you can keep close to you at all times, and by close, I mean under your clothing and on your person. Ain't nobody gonna jack my identity!) three sets of necklace/earrings in cream, coral, and turquoise, an alarm clock (NO MORE IPHONE WAAAAAAA) belts belts belts, headbands, and a GO GIRL! HAHAHHA they are the weirdest things! I let you google it and find out what it is for yourselves.
 AHHH YES, the sexy missionary shoes! hahah, I covered all the bases, black, brown, and a VERY comfy lightweight, meshy shoe. Of course I'll also plan to take tennis shoes and some chacos (ADVENTURE SANDALS!) as well as a couple other flats.
 THREE PIECE LUGGAGE!!!!!!!! AAAAAH! They're ginormous. Perfect for all this stuff! (Idk why I always gravitate towards maroon, maybe I'm supposet to go to Texas A&M lolol.) And there's one of those sweet heavy duty flashlights, as well as an indestructible Mary Poppins umbrella, since it rains on the dailyyyyyy!

AND HERES ME AND MY SOUL SISTA KELLLIEEEEEE, best employee of Sister Missionary Mall, y'all! Love her to pieces! 

I don't even know what else to say. I am VERY very excited for the work I get to do down in Ecuador. I know the church is true! I am so happy and so incredibly thankful that I was fortunate enough to be one of the girls that DFCR picked to shower in blessings this past weekend. I am SO thankful that I get to share the gospel! I can't wait! November is so far away! HA! But, I'm very VERY well prepared thanks to Deseret First Credit Union and Sister Missionary Mall!