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Jul 28, 2013

I promise I didn't forget about you

Well hello there, my little neglected blog!

I’m sorry, I have been WAY busy with life. Wow! It has been such a great few weeks! I’ve stocked up on pre-mish literature… Pictured here, I’m drowning in it.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE What I Wish I Would Have Known Before My Mission by John Bytheway. (he’s the bomb) I finished it in like a day, and then lent it to a kid in my ward who is going to Uruguay! (holla at dem south America missions, woooot) I’m currently reading Called to something somethinnnn, IDK, I forget what it’s called and it’s all the way upstairs hahaha, I’ll let y’all know next time, BUT the point is, is that its way good. OBV my fave book is the Book of Mormon, but that’s a given.
Wow, lemme tell y’all, my testimony has already grown LEAPS and BOUNDS due to daily scripture study. And with the aid of Preach my Gospel (the missionary book, for those who don’t know), study is SO effective, and so incredible! Love it!
Jordan, or shall I say Hermano McGee, excuse me, lol, made it to the Mexico MTC all safe & sound! He said the first week was insanely hard, but now he’s getting the hang of things and is feeling much better  yay. Y’all can stay updated if you go read his blog HERE. (he totally copied me, btw.. hahhaha)

BO CAME HOME! My dear cousin just served 2 years in McAllen, TX (might as well be Mexico….) He’s AWESOME! I’m so happy I get to learn from him the next couple months! I made him cute signs and stuff.. I would be the most bomb missionary girlfriend, lemme tell y’all! Hahaha. We practice our español together & talk about missionary shutff. It’s great. 

DANIEL is leaving for his mission on 8/13! SO DANG SOON! He’s flying to DC to get his Visa this week, so he will, in fact, be able to go straight to Ecuador after his time in the Mexico Missionary Training Center, instead of being reassigned somewhere in the states for a while while they were gonna be processing it. So YAY for that! A sad little piece of news, since they BARELY split the Quito mission into North & South in June, we discovered that Daniel is goin’ South and I’m goin’ North. So we aren’t in the same mission, BUT we are still in the same country so weeeeee! I ain’t got no worries.

My fambam came in town this past week! Michael & Logan went to EFY in Provo. They wore a Barbie and 1direction backpack along with fanny packs all week. Do not ask why, because the answer is, they are teenaged boys, and I do not understand them. Hahahah. They have been TOTTAAAALLY high on the Spirit, this week. Michael and I have had some really great deep conversations about the Gospel, and they’re both turning into marvelous young men.  We hiked the Y on Saturday, which was great fun! It was the perfect weather outside, cloudy but not cold. 
Then we hit up Park City and I did the alpine coaster and slide for the first time in my liiiife! IT WAS SO COOL! I totally almost died on the slide hahaha, but I got some air though! It was soo beautiful.

I love Nature. ONE WITH NATURE! I got to meditate up in the mountains for a little bit and just reflect on how blessed I am, and how I can see the hand of God multiple times a day in my life.
We went to the SLC temple like 3 times, and I have no idea why, but this week Heavenly Father blessed us with some gorgeous sunsets. I snapped a couple great pics.The feeling on the temple grounds is simply indescribable, I love it!

I renewed my passport! YAY. I should be here in about a week or so. So, I have discovered that government issued ID's and I don't get along very well, hahaha, here's my passport pic that will DEFINE me for the next 10 years... 
We saw Uchtdorf in the Pioneer Day parade downtown! It was so cool! I loveeeee him so much.
And lots of really hott shirtless poly boys on the Poly Cultural Center float... Benji saw me staring and put his arm around me, and calmly said, "LAUREN, I know they're hott, but they are distractions... Let's go read the book of Mormon" hahahahha, I sure do love that kid! I cannot believe he will be 12 next month! Dang!
All in all, it has been a maaaaaaarvelous week! :) :) :)