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Jun 9, 2014

Prepared peeps


I´m just gonna keep doing that nifty little highlights list. (It´s easier.)

-Saw Daniel aka Elder Bowman (my first cousin who is serving in the neighboring mission of Quito) in the offices, so fun. He wants me to hook him up with more Ghiradelli brownies (I sent him one for his b-day hahaha) And he´s chubbier. But so am I -- so whatever. Hashtag mish liiiiiiiiife, represent.

Bowman and Bowman.  What's up, what's uppp?!

-We went to visit Erlinda. She lives in like a favella-type area, and we were going up the stairs, and yelled, BUUUEEEENAS NOOOCHES (GOOD EVENING), and then we hear her go, ¨Dígales que no estoy!¨ ("Tell them that I'm not here!") and her nephew came out to deliver the message, it was really funny because then we poked our head in and said, ¨Le escuchaaaamos, hermanita!¨ ("We heard you, little sister.") Hehehe. Tryna pull a fast one on the missionaries, impossible

COOKING!!! Que milagro (what a miracle) with María. She taught me how to make morrocho. YUM.

-I WAS DYING THIS WHOLE WEEEEEK. I think it's because I was making fun of Daniel for being sick last week. Well, then I got nausea, throwing up, fever, and DIAHRREA! Which here, is nicknamed ¨la bicicleta¨ jejej. Yeah, but I think I finished that whole entire bottle of pepto in those 3 days, so please send another one to a sistaaaaaaaaa, thanks. (upset stomache siaaahrea, is my theme song) BUT, we went out and worked those days, didn´t even come home early. And we found 19 new investigators. There were prepared people looking for us, and I´m glad that CAN´T NOTHIN' STOP HERMANA BOWMAN FROM WORKING. 
My bestest friend this week..... 

-A man we contacted only believes in the church of the UFO´s.... He said that in the Bible where it talks about the shadow that covered them (with the Ark of Covenant or something)  by day, and the light that covered them by night were UFOs............. okay Bro. 

-We were doing divisions this week with the Sister Training Leaders and I just think it's the coolest thing in the world when people contact us before we even get a chance to contact them. We were walking along the street, lalala, when a little old grandma says, HERMANITAS!!! (SISTERS) ¨Si, si, hermana, que pasó.¨ ("yes, yes, Sister, how are you.")  ¨Hola.¨ ("Hi.") And then we started to talk, and she said, I trust y'all. I think you are the ones that could help my son. His name is Alonso, and is 40 something going through a divorce. And then lo and behold, out comes Alsonso. We start talkin' to him and he shared that he was just reading the Bible and didn't get anything and was wondering what the point of Life was and where we are going after this life, and was praying for sometone to come and help him. BAM LECCION DOS (LESSON TWO). Plan of Salvation. And now he´s preparing to be baptized. The Lord truly prepares people. 

Why do all my pics have to do with food...? Silly rabbit, Trix are for MISSIONARIES IN ECUADOR! (Shoutout to the Edwards family for always supplying us with the best cereal, ever. Love that fambam so much. Thank you.)

-We gave a lesson to a 14-year-old, and his heart was really touched about the First Vision, and when we asked him if he was attending any church at the end of the lesson (weird because usually we use that when we determine how to begin teaching) and he said, nope, ¨pero ahora sí¨ (but now yes) as he held up his new copy of the Book of Mormon as he beamed ear to ear.
Hanging out with William, one of our investigators at a ward activity on Sat

-I GOT WORD THAT DIANA AND YULISA GOT BAPTIZED IN QUINCHUQUI!!!!!!!!!! I read the letter in KFC today (where they serve rice and beans, what is that….) and I was bawling. I am SO SO SO happy. I love being a missionary. I am so glad that Diana and Yuli were able to make such a priceless covenant with our Father in Heaven! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Cooking with the Lopez fam, members in Nayon who own a restaurant. They are suuch a dope family, super strong in the gospel, and they really like to feed the missionaries hehehe, free food errday (COME GRATIIIIS!) (EAT FREEEE!)

-We played a really fun trivia game with the zone after Zone Conference. Some member in Quito made it up, It's called Luz y Verdad (Light  & Truth). It was really fun. Where you had to answer questions about the góspel (luz) or the world (verdad) and it was in teams and it got really intense hahahha, I love missionaries. We got really competitive. Remember that one game "And It Came To Pass"? Such fun FHE games. Mormons like games. And JELLO. 

-We were walking along the street going to a cita (appointment) and then boom, ¨Hey Dennis! Whats up?¨ (he´s an investigator that totally fell of the map like 4 weeks ago) and he was smoking a cigarette, so I grabbed it and then I threw it on the groooound (please tell me someone got that snl reference) No, but really, I threw it on the ground and put it out,¨ C'mon Dennis, you know better than that!¨

-I read Our Search for Happiness this week, (by M. Russel Ballard) Even if you´re not a member, IT'S A WONDERFUL BOOK. It´s actually directed towards the non-member audience. I encourage everyone to read it! It was a wonderful book and explains the simple doctrines in such a clear and simple way. Go get it. 

                                       BEHOLD THE TREE OF LIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE (Bonsai garden in Nayón.) 

-SHOUTOUT TO KELLY AND THE FRY FAM FOR A WONDERFUL PACKAGE. I love you all SOOSOSOSOSOO much. Thank you so much. So happy with the beef jerky, soap, BUG SPRAY, amongst other goodies. THANK YOU.

-This week I found out that one of my friends passed away.  I was really shocked at first, but then felt comforted. It´s something I teach every single day. God loves us, and when we pass on, it´s not the end. I am so thankful to know that it´s all gonna be okay.  The Lord is accelerating His obra (work), both here on earth, and up there... I know that the Plan of Salvation is SO perfect. We are just here for a little blip in the time of eternity.  His whole entire Gospel is just so good. There is so much love involved in it all. I am so grateful to teach these truths, and also see how they apply in my own existence. Death is not the end. It´s just passing on to the next phase of our existance. We are here for a purpose on earth, and we are most definitely not alone, ever. And there´s this perfect plan set into place for us. Let us look beyond just the now, and be thankful for our Heavenly Father and how much He loves us, and celebrate the incredible lives of those who have helped here, and will comtinue to help even more up there. Rest in Peace, Jordan Needham. 

-The scriptures are so great. Read them. 


Con amor, 

Hermana Bowman

                              Cute little 5 year old, Saraí, whose fambam we are teaching... with Sparky.

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