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Jun 2, 2014

My bunrella broke.

Well, this week Jordan (I mean Elder McGee -- see went to the beach and I went to the montañaaaaaa (mountains)! We got to go to Cayambe (google it) for Elder Tirado (our District Leader's) last preparation day. I can´t believe it´s already cambios (transfers) again. 

Anyways, we just BARELY got back to Quito, so I have like literally 12 minutes to write. We left the house at 6:15am, and didn't get the chance to do anything but freeze our buns off. BUT IT WAS SO FUNNNN. I was like, hey, deja-vu, BYU-Idaho all over again! Hahaha. Anyways.

Woop, woop.

My bunrella broke.
-We gave a lesson and at the end the guy, Luis, said, ¨What time is church and when can I go?¨ It was sweet.

-We met a dog named 'Mr. Gringo'.

-The elders are dumb and called us at 10pm to bring them our set of keys for the chapel because earlier that day, they locked their pair in the chapel.... and they barely realized once they got home and tried to open their apartment. Hahhaha, SMH. Typical Elders.

-We went over to eat at a lesser active´s house on Saturday and I shared Alma 38:5, but placed her name in it instead of Shiblon´s. "And now my (daughter),________, I would that ye should remember, that in as much as ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials, and your trials, and your troubles, and your afflictions, and ye shall be lifted up a the the last day." And she started to cry and said that she had been praying for help from Heavenly Father and that that was the exact answer she was waiting for. I am so grateful that the Spirit can speak through missionaries.

-I learned what Pico y Placa is. It´s something that Correa (the Ecuadorian President here) has implemented. The cars whose liscense plates end in 1-2 can´t be on the streets from 6am-9am and 5-9pm on Mondays, and the ones with 3-4, Tues, etc. It's to diminish the amount of traffic here in Quito. I doubt that any American would follow it, but the Quiteños do!

-We were walking down a street one night and there were a bunch of chairs set up and a big tent [usually used for matrimonios (marriages), or fiestas (parties) or something] and so I yell, "OOOH FIESTA!" and turns out it was a funeral. Oops, I got some dirty looks.

-Bore my testimony this Sunday. It was really nice to have Testimony meeting in SPANISH, it was the first time. All the other times it had been in puro Quichua. Español (Spanish) feels like Inglés (English) now, haha.

-So this week 3 investigators came to church and they were way pilas (quick, smart, intelligent), they answered lots of questions in the principios de evangelio (Gospel Principles) class. They came with one of the members, but they live in the centro (center) of Quito momentarily and will be moving to our sector soon, we are trying to keep an eye out for places for arriendo (rent) for them! They're awesome.  Manna from heaven.

-I am really thankful for the hard times and hard days on the mish, because that's how we truly grow. This is something bigger than just me, this is The Lord´s work. I know why I am here. 


Who knew there was snow in Ecuador?

-I ate snails and chicken liver. Yay - Ecaudorian cuisine.

Make sure that we do something DAILY to help give sunlight or water to our little seed of faith that we all have within us. It can grow and it will grow! 

                                                          Love ALLLLLLLL Y'ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I pray and think of y'all daily. Take care, always! 

Con amor (with love),

Hna (Sis) Bowmannananananannn

Our district in Cayambe today.

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