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Oct 18, 2014

¨How's it going in Guatemala!?¨

Hahahha, so I think its semi-hilarious that my inbox these past couple weeks has contained messages such as: 

¨Hope you´re enjoying Mexico!¨
¨How´s it going in Guatemala!?¨ 
¨I´m sure Bolivia is awesome!¨ 

Ohhhh, myyyyyyy hahahha. Y'all, I'm serving in QUITO, ECUADOR. Hahaha. But I love each and every one of y'all. It honestly doesn´t matter where I´m at as long as I´m serving the Lord, eh? 
Well, this week has been great, as usual. Can yall believe that we only have 10 weeks left of 2014?! No way.. I can´t. AHH and it´s already the last week of the exchange. Time fliiiiiies when you´re preaching the gospel!

My companion is really sick. We don´t really know what's up with her but she has a medical appointment at the hospital tomorrow. I love going to the hospital here beacuse it's like walking into the United States. Sooo since she hasn't been feelin´ too dandy we basically have stayed at home for like 4 days. 

(I loathe staying at home - it's the worst - but I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon again! It was really good study time, I also read a good chunk of Jesus the Christ and some of the Bible. I can Bible bash anyone, anydayyyyyyyyy, ha!)  But if y'all could keep Hermana Landero from Belize in y'alls prayers, that would be much appreciated :)

 All the members have been tryna pitch in their remedios caseros (home remedies) like, melting 2 sticks of butter and drinking it, drinking aguita de panela with 3 lime shells, taking an ice bath, and lots of other really interesting things hahaha. I love Ecuador.
On Tuesday, one of the days we went out to work, we went on a major adventure. We found this short cut, which was actually like, reaaallly dangerous. We kinda fell down a mountain -- hahaha. But it was worth it because then we found a SUPER prepared family of 8! Woo!!! We taught them 4 times this week and they are super super super interested. The 14 year old has full buenas preguntas (good questions). The Spirit has been super strong in all the lessons. 

The Elders came along to give Jackeline a bendicion de salud (blessing of health) 'cuz she has hepatitis. This family is so humble. They are struggling to even have the bread of each day, my heart aches for them. 

We made the empanadas de verde with familia Murillo and took it over to the familia Remache Mera for dinner. People here literally have nothing. Dirt floors and tin roofs, y'all. But their hearts are SO big. So so so big. I love being a missionary. 

all our pics this week involve food........ hm.......

Cookin' with Maribel and Christian...

We had a verde partyyyyy with the Murillos! BIG PROGRESS. Ramón finalllyyyyy agreed to be married to Bertha! So they are going to work on that because they want to get baptized. Miracles, miracles.   We made empanadas de verde and corviche. It was way fun and very delish.

I am not a karishina anymore! Hahaha -- that's what Ecuadorians call girls who can´t cook. I can cook, y'all.  We had to boil the verde and then mash it and all these other processes, but it was so worth it.

LOPEZ FAmmmmmmmmm
Love them. He´s the first counselor in the Bishopric and his wife is a SOLID convert. They are helping us fellowship the Murillo fambam.
I know that God loves us! and that the Book of Mormon is truuuuuuuuuuue.

Con amor (with love).
Hermana (Sister) Bowman 

PS It has been raining every day! It's officially ¨winter¨.  

There's an Elder from Prosper, Texas and we were talking about Stonebriar Mall and various restaurants: Canes and Whataburger -- I got really trunky for like a second. If anyone truly loves me, they will wait for me at the airport in May with food. Thank you. That´s all.

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