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Oct 9, 2014

beyond blessed

Fam-o-lee: hello, or in the words of D. Todd Christofferson, ¨MUY BUENOS DIAS¨ hahahha. I died, that was so funny.  
Looking for investigators - hahahhehehehahahah.

There's this really good brand of water and its cielo aka sky or HEAVEN - hahah. We were drinking it during Conference and thought of John 4:14.

WOW. Conference was absolutely incredible. I am blown away at how in touch Heavenly Father is with us, when WE tune in! That is the key, having an open heart and ears as King Benjamin teaches us in Mosiah 2:9. I received so many answers and an overwhelming peace. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the true church. I could write essays about each of the talks! EACH one was inspired and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a conference as much as I have this one. I was about to list my favorites but each one taught a powerful lesson. I did notice the recurring theme of FAMILIES and I think Helaman 5:12 was mentioned or alluded to like 5 or 6 times. Also, the importance of our self improvement and TRUSTING in the Lord our God. How we need to pattern our lives after Christ's and become more commited and devoted disciples of His. Agh, there´s just too much to put into words. I am SO grateful for the blessing we have to hear modern day scripture through the prophets, seers, and revelators. 
FAMILIA MURILLO!!!! They came to conference. So cute.
We all matched. Ha! Our district made matching skirts and ties. The elders sewed their ties and an Hermana in the ward made our skirts for us, so kind!

The Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple!

Yoga wha???

Climbing trees in honor of ¨el señor del arbol¨ in our area --there are some crazy people who worship a big old tree.

I was blessed to have divisions with Hermana Quizhpe this past week and she told me that I have changed leaps and bounds since the last time she worked with me (which was about 9 months ago). What a compliment! But then I went back and reflected on the person that I truly have been shaped into during my mission. I feel that none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the Master, the one who is molding me into the person who He knows I can become. I have realized that trials and speedbumps strengthen us, I mean, this is WHY we are here on Earth! 

As many speakers taught this past week, to be tested and tried is our purpose! We learn to distinguish between bitter and sweet. We find the joy in the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father, we have the capacity to feel great joy because we have before experienced dissappointments and sorrows. It is for a reason. In this way, we grow and we develop faith. You can't just get faith as a present, all wrapped up and pretty- it's something that you attain through personal experience and practicing the principles in your own life, filling your lamp with oil. The same with a testimony and personal conversion, it's a constant effort. We can choose our current. 

I choose obedience, which was a recurring theme of Conference as a whole. I choose to be diligent. I choose to TRUST in my Savior and Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. I choose to stay on the Old Ship Zion! I got a lot of personal revelation and I really got closer to God this past week. I am really just grateful, to sum it up in one word. I am beyond blessed. 

We played soccer and volleyball and dodgeball and stuff like that.  The Elders cooked for us today.  It's called causa. It's like layerd mashed potatoes and chicken and aji (garlic) and stuff. Waaaay good. ¨La mamᨠas they say here.

Maribel V. is progressing veeeeery well. She came to conference all by herself! Also, the Familia Murillo showed up BEFORE us. We are working on helping Ramón, the partner of Bertha so they can get married. They are doing well and enjoyed hearing the Prophet´s address. It was so cute, Ramón said that he felt all warm inside. :) 'Tis the Holy Ghost, people! 

So, just to update, Andres´s wife, Lorena (lol, my name in spanish! Woooo) had her bebé on Thursday so Andre's baptism got pushed back for a little while! 

This past while we have been focusing on balancing crecimiento real (less actives and recent converts) and investigators. I think it´s going really well as we do that. The people we are teaching right now are doing veeeerrry well and I can see their testimonies growing. I love those moments where you open your mouth and then words just flow out, guided completely by the Spirit. 

Everyday my conversion deepens and my gratitude grows! Remember that the best part about conference is going home and putting it all into practice. GO & DO ;) 

Thanks for everything y'all doooo!!! I love and pray for y'all.
Remember the Lord loves youuuuuuu :)

Con mucho amor (with lots of love),

Hermana (Sister) Bowman

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