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Dec 3, 2014

Nuika shungu kushi kushiiiii (MY HEART IS HAPPY)

Ali chishi nuika familiacunaaaaaa (Good afternoon, fam)


I am so so so so SO incredibly happy! I missed this place more than I realized. Gosh, there´s such a special spirit here. :) When the 3 hour bus ride was coming to a close, I looked out my window and saw the gorgeous mountains and big blue sky and got the chills. Then I saw a couple of ñañagus (ladies) in their traditional clothing carrying giant bags on their backs and shed a tear or two. I´m so stoked to work hard in this piece of the Lord´s vineyard! I am so close to Peguche and Quinchuquí! Where I spent my first 6 months in Ecuador, memories I hold dear in my heart. Next Monday we are gonna try and get permission to go visit my converts! (Even though it´s like 10 mins away in bus, it's a different zone.)

My new comp is Hna. (Sis) Wight, who got here to Ecuador with me! We´ve got the same time on the mish so it´s kinda weird that we´re togedder, but I ain´t complainin´! CRAY that I get another gringa comp.  Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone could count their many blessings this past week. I know I did. I started writing them all down in my journal and practically passed out because there are just too many things to be grateful for - Every. Single. Day. I´ve been writing down how I see the Lord's hand in my day, and WOW. Every minute there is something special going on! He truly is present in our lives :) We ate guatita (cow stomach) in celebration of Thanksgiving... Ecuadorian style. Yum?
Happy Thanksgiving!

I´ve been chugging the knockoff Pepto Bismol brand. Gotta love being siiiick!  But it´s all good, still gotta work hard. My zone leaders came and gave me a blessing and I feel a lot better.  I'm grateful for the Priesthood. This is definitely the Lord´s work and He's taking really good care of me, so no worries y'all.
Our President challenged us to read Preach My Gospel in 90 days and OH MY GOODNESS. This book is the best ever (except the Book of Mormon, duh). Although I've studied it all through my mish up until now, the past week that I've been like, picking it apart, and truly applying and trying to learn and understand everything - I´ve seen miracles. It's so incredible that we can study something in the morning and then the second we step out into the street, put it into practice. Trusting in the Spirit is key, that´s for sure. 

We went and taught a fam we had contacted on the bus (I love contacting on the bus because they can´t run away, muahah) and the Spirit was SO strong. I used to teach the Restoration just because it was routine, the first message we share is generally that of the Restoration and its importance. But I have felt such a fire in my bones and desire to literally like, shout this message from the rooftops! I really couldn't imagine what my life would be if I wasn't a member of Christ's true church with all of the restored truths (like the Plan of Salvation, my fave.) I love how there is always a principle or facet of the Gospel that applies to every Child of God, in any situation that they may be going through. It's just so great to be a missionary, y'all.

We did a lot of contacting this past week. We got these cute little pass along cards of Él es la Dádiva. (He is the Gift. I think that´s what it is in English.) From what I understand, it´s sorta a social media movement about Christ's birth and sharing the ¨Gift¨ and just spreading positivity. [DUDE I WOULD BE ALLLL OVER THAT. I miss social media sometimes. There´s so much good we can do through this technology. Although I really don´t think I´ll be so addicted to twitter/insta when I get home, ha!] I cannot believe that Christmas is so close. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! It´s so great that I get to be a missionary at this time. :) I´m the happiest Christmas treeeeeeee! See more at: ...dooo iiiiiiit, dooooooo ittttttttt!

The last transfer Hermana Ponce and I were able to witness SO many miracles and tender mercies. (One being the fact that she´s still alive.) There is a brand new fam that moved into our ward last week from Venezuela. They came with only the clothes on their backs. It was heartbreaking. The ward pulled together and now they have beds, a stove, fridge, everything that they need. It was incredible to see the charity and big hearts of those who helped them in our ward, Pusuquí. It warmed my heart and soul to see Moroni 7:46-47 in action.Then, this Sunday they came to church and brought a couple who wants to be baptized! It´s just amazing how our hearts swell with joy and love for others due to the happiness that this Gospel brings. Although we´ve got trials and problems, and even afflictions and tribulations, we can rise above the sadness and sorrow that may come and look towards the light that Christ brings into each of our lives. We can find that inner peace and tranquility that we all search for in those tough times. The Lord´s hand is continually extended towards us.

We had the grand opportunity to have our interviews with President Richardson. Such a good man. I´m so happy to serve under him, he's way inspired and I look up to him so much! It was great. I got to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon since we had just finished the 90 day challenge, weee! We also got a really good training. Gotta love inspirational meetings with our amazing leaders. We like, floated out of the chapel and went straight to workkkkk.
Packing problems.

I was thinking a lot lately. I think it´s really incredible that all of us, each one of us that is here on the planet Earth, chose to come here. We are all here with a purpose, and have endless opportunities ahead of us. It's special because we chose to follow Christ once. Our purpose here in life is to strengthen the faith that we already had in the pre-earth life. When you put it into that perspective, that we are just strengthening something we already had, that we are developing the gifts and talents we previously possessed? WHAT A COOL WAY TO LOOK AT THINGS! This life is just a blip in our eternal existence, and we´ve got the roadmap to eternity at our fingertips! Obviously it´s way easier said than done, but that´s when the Atonement comes into play - Christ's sacrifice is for each and every one of us. No matter the situation. He suffered our sins, but also the times when we are sad, confused, alone, anything and everything else. HE KNOWS how to succor His people. Our Father is Heaven is anxiously waiting and hoping and doing everything to guide us to CHOOSE to make it back to Him and His Son. We choose. We have the ingredients to success inside of us. ALL THINGS are working in our favor! :)

I love each of y'all and send you my best :) 

Con amorrrrrrrrrr (with love),

Hermana (Sister) Bowman

Nuika shungu kushi kushiiiii (MY HEART IS HAPPY)

PS- fun fact: my old ward mission leader (who helped me with all my luggage this morning and took us to the bus terminal, aw) is an architect and he helped in the construction of the building where our meetings are held here in my new area, wee!
PPS- Michael, I can get your Otavalian scripture cases now that I'm back! Send me a monetary donation and I'll send them to ya.  SAME GOES FOR EVERYONE ELSE! I'm broke but if you send me money, I'll buy you cool Ecuadorian stuff. And I can get it cheap 'cuz I learned how to haggle and bargain down prices in Quichua. Haha Merry Christmas! ;)

Carrying things like Otavaleñas.

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