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Feb 24, 2015


Hello family and friends and others.

So hey. How's everyone doing? I'm doing great :) 
Dang it, the lights went out in all of Otavalo after only one hour of writing and we had a whole hour left and it BARELY came back like 10 mins ago (it's like 7pm) and I have about 5 minutes to write all of this, the assistants gave us permission.  I had a great letter planned out but - whatever. 


-Camera got stolen.  Yes, I am depressed.
-We went on visits with Bishop and he got pulled over (HAHAHAH) but got out of a ticket thanks to my charm. (I think I had too much practice convincing cops out of tickets in my past. All of the Fairview and McKinney cops know me hahahahhehehe.)
-We did some cool service projects this week. Like taking peas out of their shells. 

-Ivan our less-active is a spiritual POWERHOUSE LIKE DANG, SON. I love him. 

-Went to Quito and saw my BFF Dr. Andrade. who told me I HAVE GIARDIA. Which is horrible. Google it.
Okay, I'm gonna copy and paste my letter to President and add and delete some stuff to save time...

Well, this week seemed not-so-productive. BLeeeghhhhhh. I think it's because of Carnival. We hardly worked. We also went to Quito early and stayed late. So that affected our week as well.  BUTTTTTT now, we have a brand new week! A brand new cambio (literally change or transfer). It should be great. I am very excited to work my tail off, as always.

Well, this week I finished Predicad Mi Evangelo (Preach My Gospel)!  A week early. We had the 90 day challenge from President. It was so great. It has opened so many doors and windows and whatnot. I feel like a much better teacher thanks to the activities and the advice and doctrine found in that book! It really is the essence of who we are as teachers. 

I really liked that Elder Santana (an assistant from Osorno, CHILE) was quoting exact quotes from it! It was so cool to be able to recognize what he was saying and think, "Oh hey, that's on page 89 in the 2nd paragraph and I've applied it in this and this and this way!"  I really love Preach My Gospel and am teaching Hermana Perez to love it and apply it as well. 

I ECHO ELDER BALLARD'S INVITATION TO ALL, OBTAIN A COPY OF PREACH MY GOSPEL IN Y'ALLS HOMES. You can find it online too, but it would be better to have a papable copy, and you can put it in the bathroom or something so that everyone has a chance to read it. I always read shampoo bottles but PMG would be way better. Hahahaha.

We did some visits with the Bishop and have been working with a special family, the Lanchimbas. Ivan, the husband, was baptized about 3 years ago, I believe. EVERY time we teach, there is a special spirit there. We left one lesson and I told my companion that I had the impression that Ivan was one of the Savior's close friends in the pre-existence, and she said she felt the same. It took me a minute to really realize that Heavenly Father trusts in ME, a little 20 year old gringa to take care of, teach, and bring back, one of His beloved, special, and important children. It kinda blew my mind. 

This is HIS work, I know that without the Spirit, we are nada (nothing). It reminded me of a quote from a talk by President Eyring, ¨My message then to my grandchildren, and to all of us trying to forge eternal families, is that there is joy guaranteed for the faithful. From before the world was, a loving Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son loved and worked with those who They knew would wander. God will love them forever.

You have the advantage of knowing that they learned the plan of salvation from the teachings they received in the spirit world. They and you were faithful enough to be allowed to come into the world when many others were not.

With the help of the Holy Ghost, all truths will be brought to our remembrance. We cannot force that on others, but we can let them see it in our lives. We can always take courage from the assurance that we all once felt the joy of being together as a member of the beloved family of our Heavenly Father. With God’s help we can all feel that hope and that joy again.¨

I love that so much. 

We hope to see miracles in our sector this March. I will work really hard to try and make that happen.


I feel like I'm still 18. Like what? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE. 
Seriously, it's slipping through my fingers. I can't. I'm done. STOP stop stop time! 
"Oh well, that's life," as Daniel says.


Con muchiiiisimo amor (with a whole lot of love), 

Hermana (Sister) Bowman 

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