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Mar 2, 2015

I may have appendicitis

Hey y'all!

Well this week was a good one, as usual. :) 
Selfie he he he you can't even see the waterfall -- 

Ecuador is so pweettttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Sorry, I have like no time today... can't really focus either. Bullet points it is!!!!

-I've had some really good studies lately. I am so grateful for the good ole Book of Mormon, such a GREAT guidance in our lives.
With the Bishop's fambam, GOSH I LOVE THEM AHHHHH they're the best. 
Familia Cachiguango. 

The classic nametag pic.

-My companion got her Patriarchal Blessing. It was really cool because Spanish is the Patriarch's second language (Quichua being the first) and so his accent was cool. It was like, in the middle of nature too. SO AWESOME that we have divine guidance and basically a personalized scripture for us.

Taxopamba by via a Mojanda, like 10 mins outside of Otavalo

It's the one I went to in Dec 2013!!!!!!!!!

Smeagol pose.

-My bday was aight, everyone forgot. We saw some cool miracles though. Gifts from God are the best ones :) 

ICE AGE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aka the Relief Society President's kid, Yauri Yuyarik.

-I may have appendicitis, so that's cool. Please pray that no.

-Our less actives are becoming more and more active. 

-We found Sindy! She fell off the face of the planet, but she's back, wooo! 

-Today we went and played at a cascada to celebrate my bday hehe. (Thanks to Hna Deveraux, I have evidence in pics that we went).  It was so fun. I went like more than a year ago with the Imbabura zone. It's a hike but it was so fun! We ran and sang Girls Camp Songs and took a TON of pictures and then just laid on the rocks and like, meditated. It was a fun break :) 
Rock models...


-Prayin' for Grandpa Bowman. I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation. 

-I see the hand of the Lord DAILY in my life, and I know that as we all look for it, we become more and more grateful and more and more positive, and more and more aware of His loving care and all of the tender mercies and the blessings which are constantly raining upon us. I invite everyone to do so this coming week. :) 


Con amor (with love),
Hermana (Sister) Bowman 
2 0 1 5 wooo

                                         Le nametags. Hashtag OTAVALO WARD HOLLER.

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