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May 12, 2014

Transferred to Quito!

Mudders day selfie.

It was great to talk to the fambam yesterday on Skype.  Love y'all and hope y'all are well.  Let's seeee, I had to do some paperwork online for President today so I´m gonna make this short and sweet. 

Monday we had changes/transfers. I got here, was received with rain, rain, and more rain. We went over to a gringo (American) fambam´s house for dinner and ate MUFFINS AND STEPHEN´S HOT CHOCOLATE. I almost died, then they gave us KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE to take home. They said it had just come in from Amazon that day hahaha. 

Our ward has like 3 gringo (American) families because one of our sectors has the US Embassy in its boundaries. So that's fun. We work in 3 GIANT sectors, I bet y'all could googlemaps it. It's Nayón, Zambiza, and Monteserrín. It's way fun. We take buses everywhere. It's incredible because everyone understands what we teach and the questions and the lectura del Libro de Mormon (lesson on The Book of Mormon). It's like a whole different world here in Quito. 

On Tuesday we had consejo de barrio (ward counsel) and it was awesome because everyone was in attendance, and all of the members had their iPads whipped out, taking notes, scheduling firesides about same sex marriage -- basically saving the world in consejo de barrio. Our Bishop is the former Stake President from Quito, and he is totally on the ball. 

LET ME TELL Y'ALL, it is so much easier (well, not easier, but there are less complications) when the members work WITH the missionaries in the Obra de Salvacion (Work of Salvation), it truly is a big work, and accelerating quickly. 

On Wednesday we almost got thrown up on in the bus on the way home while getting hit on by some drunk dudes, which is always fun (NOT). We had a really good District and Zone meeting too. Our zone is a lot tinier than Zona Imbabura, but it's really nice. 

Thursday we went and dropped off Hna. (Sis.) Obendorf to get her 'hija' ('daughter' or new trainee in actuality). (She's training and was in a trio with us for a bit.) So we were in Quito centro (downtown Quito) for a bit. 

Then we visited Nancy who is progressing nicely. :) She´s awesome, but she won't come to church because she works. IT'S IMPORTANT TO GO TO CHURCH Y'ALL! She loves The Book of Mormon, and really likes our visits but it's hard for her to keep progressing if she doesn´t go to church. Meh. 

We went out with the Bishop's wife for a bit and then we also went out with the Lider Misonal's (Ward Mission Leader's) wife. It's fun to do visits with members, their testimonies are SO amazing and important for the investigators to hear. 

On Friday we had interviews with President and learned more about how to use The Book Of Mormon more effectively in our lessons. 

IDK what happened on Saturday but I´m sure it was magical. 

My favey hymns so y'all can practice them...

Sunday we had church at 2 pm and ate at a Costa Rican´s house. She's from Heredia, which is relatively close to where we used to live (Escazu and Santa Ana). Anyways that was cool. 

Then after church, we went over to the member family and I got to Skype my fambam on this giant flatscreen (SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS where it was like the gangster-est internet cafe and it was frozen and whatnot.) 

Kinda bummed I didn´t get to see the Bybee´s though. But its alright, there is always Christmas! Well, after I hung up I was crying a wittol bit, but I walked out and lo and behold... 

STEAKKKKKKKKKK complete with A1 sauce. It was so awesome - hahaha. Then we had Ghirardelli brownies. I didn´t know I was so obsessed with American food until I came on my mission --hahahahhah. But it was great. 

And here we are again, another Monday. I am really excited to see what this week will bring. Always remember to read The Book of Mormon, it contains the plenitud del evangelio restaurado (fulness o fthe restored Gospel). 

I love all y'all and send you BIGIIGIGIIGGGG HUGS!!!!

Con amor (with love),

Hermana (Sister) Bowman
Hello world!

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