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Jul 25, 2014

We´re pooped. But beaming with happiness.

Dear Family and Friends, 

So this week we had some VERY unexpected cambios (transfers). They came on a Tuesday night at like 11 pm something, during semana (week) 5 (usually we have cambios (transfers) every 6 weeeks, so that was odd). Anyways, Hermana Velasquez, my comp of 11 weeks, got transferred to Otavalo, and I got to STAY! Praise the Lord. I love my sector, it's incredible. Anyways, I got a GRINGA comp. Totally unheard of. The first one. It has been really fun. Her name is Hermana Stephensen from California - woooo. 

Anyways, we have had SUCH a great week. We literally saw at least one miracle a day, I am not exaggerating. It was so awesome. I love working with her. We contacted really awesome families, and we have had some super super super spirit filled lessons. There´s other really cool stuff that has happened but I have no time to describe (as per usual). But it's all in my journal so someday I shall inform y'all.  

I lost my agenda on Thursday night and fell into a deep depression. A missionary is NOTHING without her agenda. It´s so sad. All the citas (appointments), numeros (numbers), contactos (contacts), basically MY LIFE is in there. But anyways, it´ll turn up, con fe (with faith). And I´m way grateful for the Carpeta de Area, and the fact that we keep up with it, because I was able to get all the numbers from that. 

We went to the teleferico which is like this big gondola thing that overlooks all of Quito. It´s way similar to the one I went on in Brazil... I think it was like, Sugarloaf Mountain or something? Idk, that was like 5 years ago. It was way fun, and actually pretty chilly up there. We ran into four elders from (the neighboring) Mision Quito up there, who of course, knew Elder Bowman (my first cousin).

A really cool misionero (missionary) came home from Paraguay this week (Elder Cuases... yeah, his actual birthname is actually Elder... and he´s a convert, hahaha, so cool). We have been working with his dad (who is not a member) and his little brother, (23, inactive, Edi... who is like, a record manager or something and wants me to come back and record with him). And so we just ADORE that fam, they're awesome. Anyways, he was companions with Chandler Brown from Allen! Small world. The Mormon worls is freaky small though. I like it, heh. 

So anyways, we had a reallllly super spiritual lesson with them... at the beginning it kinda reminded me of interventions like in the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" because that´s really what it was, an intervention for Edi. Blanca, the mom was praying and praying that the missionaries (us) could speak to Edison´s heart (no pressure, dang... but it´s what the Spirit does, so long as we trust in God, the answers that the people need to hear basically just flow out of our mouths. We are truly instruments in His hands. It´s the coolest feeling.) 

Anyways, we had a reaaallly spiritual filled discussion, and there were also four returned missionaries there as well, who were visiting for Elder´s (heh) welcome home-ness. AND then, Edi came to church on Saturday (for an activity) AND CHURCH YESTERDAY, INCLUDING ELDER´S DAD, WHO HADN'T BEEN IN LIKE 2 YEARS. So poderosísimo (very powerful). Then, at the end of the discussion, Elder told us that the message that we had shared was truly inspired and that we were angels. :D

We have walked everywhere. We stopped taking buses. Ha! And we are working in ALL THREE of our sectors, practically daily. We try to sectorize (is that a word?), but there are so many people we need to visit and so little time! We get home and like, fall asleep praying before the planning session. We´re pooped. But beaming with happiness. 

We found a menos activo (less-active) we had been looking for for the past eleven weeks, and he was all excited to meet us and even gave us tamales and humitas (people tend to show their love through food). He called us angels (2nd time this week) and it was so incredible because THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE GOD PREPARES.

We found Snapple and Kit Kats, I died. We contacted a really cool guy (the one who owned the store) who's Ecuatoriano, but lived in NYC, so he has a Spanish New York accent when he talks in English, it's waaay weird. Anyways, he was way stoked to finally find the missionaries. So he's way awesome and has a TON of faith in God. 

We went to a converso reciente (recent convert) this week, and she has basically always hated us and I had no idea why. She would slam the door in our face, and we were just like, whaaaaaaaa? WELL, I went with Hna Stephensen, and then she accepted us with happiness and a big giant smile, and even offered to pray (which was crazy because one time we waited at her and her husbands door for literally 20 mins and neither wanted to pray), and we sang and she was even like, can I have y'all over for lunch? (YES, WE LOVE MAMITAS!) And the lesson was waaaay spiritual. And then we got to her iceberg which was that she disliked my former companion - which was awkward, we didn't really know what to say. And now she is all happy and active and even gave us two references, her parents, so we are going to have a cita (appointment) with them tonight at her house. 

On Sunday night, last night, we went home to the States for an hour. Aka, the Edwards' house. They had Charmin toilet paper. Never in my life have I been so grateful for toilet paper. We are brats in the states, like we take a lot for granted there. 

We worked a lot with members this week. WORKING HAND IN HAND WITH THEM IS INCERDIBLE. It helps the investigators, it helps the lesser actives, it helps the recent converts, it helps the actual members, it helps the missionaries. IT HELPS EVERYONE. :) Blessings, blessings! 

I didn´t take many pics this week. (Note from the parental keeper of the blog: the photos were incompatible and would not load again this week.) We´ve been working waaaaaay hard. Like insanely hard. And studying like beasts as well. I would LOVE to send home all my notebooks full of studies. I love the scriptures, they are literally the word of God. 



Hermana Bowman

(I´m really sorry for how ADD I am in my emails.)

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