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Jul 11, 2014



Happy B-day America.


Hi, I turned 8 months old yesterday.

We have our investigator: Alonso P.  He´s one of the coolest people I have ever met. His testimony is so big. I am so happy that he is progressing. He is separated from his wife and he trusts SO much that if he changes, if he lets God change him, that would be the first step in the right direction. He came to church and was five minutes early! He has his own hymn book and LOVES the songs, he came to two noche de hogars (Family Home Evenings), and he's been to two baptisms. He´s incredible. I am so grateful to be a part of his progress!!

ALONSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Lucrecia, his momma.

The super sweet testimony text we got from Alonso, my favey, last night. He's such the BOMB. I thought it was the cutest that he put his testimony (Yesterday at church it was Fast and Testimony Meeting so he probably was inspired. Actually, I'm 100% sure that he was.) 

Bautismo (baptism) of Lucia, Isabel, y Sebas. LOVE THEM. 

We went out with a lot of different members this week, and that was way great. A member´s testimony is so powerful. We have been branching out and using recent converts, jovenes (youth) that are prepping for the mish, etc.
We made little visiting teaching wheels like the ones my Momma sent!!! The Visiting Teaching coordinator was stoked, and so was the 1st counselor of the Sociedad de Soccorro (Relief Society). Shanks for ze ideaaaaaa.

Me and H-dawg (Hna. Henderson... the one who has followed me to three different sectors now......) are in the same ward. Watch out world. I love her. Only because she's Texan though. (:

All four missionaries in El Edén got up to bear our testimonies. It was a reaaaally spiritual Sacrament meeting yesterday. J Share your testimony!

"R" fam are moving to Miami. It was their last Sunday. The mom said that they're still talking about that time that we came over to teach them Plan of Salvation and played games. How cute. 

Playing ninja with the children.

Plan of Slavation thingie.

Bowling today. I lost. Wa. But our district is really fun. Daniel (Elder Bowman) bowls here too. HA. So cool. 

We have been praying for the escogidos (hidden) to find us, and they sure did! We met Henry J. also known as Billetes, aka Stacks or dolla bills. He's a thug. But he's so excited to learn. He already has a big testimony . We had a cita (appointment) with him the other day, and he wasn't at home. We knew from previous experiences that he´s usually at the volley courts, and there we found him! He walked out with his head held high, which was awesome because all his friends were making fun of him saying stuff like, “hermaniiiiiiiito, vamos hermaniiiitooooooooo”.  ("little brother, come on little brotherrrrr") But he said, “No, I want to learn more. What they think doesn´t matter.” It was real cool. 

Looking off into the distance. How pensive. 
I LOVE BEEIENG A MIIIIISSSSIONARYYYYYYYY. You can see El Edén and Zámbiza in this pic. And where I'm standing is Monteserrín. 

At our service project last Tuesday where we got blisters the size of circus peanuts. Pegando trigo, aka hitting wheat. It was for a recent convert, Martha A. Then she almost gave us coffee. Oops. Someone skipped Word of Wisdom...... 
Playing our fave game, Luz y Verdad (Light & Truth) in a district meeting.

We have this thing where we have a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) at the chapel on Wednesdays, BUT the difference is that we do it with AFTER PARRTYYYYY. It's becoming a really popular thing.
Our ward mission lider (leader) reppin' Benji's baseball team. He's a thug. His son is serving in Peru.

Our zona (zone) wanted to see miracles this month so I suggested we read the Book of Mormon before the 24th. Soooo basically we have like 2 weeks. Flash flash!

WAAAAAAAAAA THE NELSONS ARE LEAVING ON THURSDAY :(((((((((  Literally the bee's knees. The best office missionaries in the world. I'm gonna miss them. 

The Situation from Jersey shore was our taxi driver two nights ago and didn't charge us anything. Wooo. CABS ARE HERE!

Familia C's DARLING PUPPY, Lola.

The mission is hard and stretching at times, but all in all, it is LITERALLY the best thing I could have ever done to completely change my life and heart. I know that Heavenly Father is shaping me into the person and missionary He knows I can be. It´s just up to us to let Him.

A REALLY AWESOME FAM we are reactivating. They have started to come back to church. There is NO better feeling than to see your lesser actives and investigators and recent converts all in the audience as you share your testimony. (I started to cry Sunday as I bore mine) I LOVE THIS WORK! It's truly the Lord's. How fortunate I am to be an instrument. 

Love and miss y'all. Hope all is well in the USA! Correa, the Ecuadorian president here, DESPISES AMERICA. Soooooooo... maybe I will get kidnapped and killed. But probably not. Well, let´s hope not. 

Watching Costa Rica lose (sad) while we were sacando copias (making copies) of the informe de progreso (progress report) for consejo de barrio (ward council).


"We are blessed from our efforts of trying, not perfection." -Al Fox

This was last Monday when we had a BBQ but it was windy so we had a BBQ EN LOS BAÑOS (in the bathrooms)! Hahaha, just to light the carbón (briquettes) though. :) 

We are really poor so the Elders were innovative and we made a net out of some string. Hahaha. Obviously, we really wanted to play Ecuavolley.


Con amor, (with love)

Hermana (Sister) Bowman 
The rose that some random on the bus gave me. 

Map of our misssssssion. Idk if y'all can find Zambiza, Nayon, and Montesserrrrin. They're like the bottom right. 

Cotopaxi one beautiful morning at 6:15 am.
We went to "Mexico" this week. 

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