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Aug 14, 2014

All good meetings end with food

"I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys is playing in our internet café, just in case y'all were wondering hehehhe. "TELL ME WHYYYYY" ...hahaha I´m dying. 

The Hermanas of El Edén. Lol, get it? The Garden of Eden? Those leaves? Haaaaaaaaa, so faaannniiii (funny, said with a Latin accent)

Okay. So much to write. Sorry, if I´m all over the place, as usual. This week has been insane. The phrase, ¨Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days¨ is wayyyy too accurate. 
Fell asleep praying....

I love asking WHY when people accept the invitation to be baptized. It´s always so interesting, and it helps you teach to their needs better. And sometimes right at that moment that they are explaining why, they get their answer that it's the right thing to do. 
Some verrrrrrrry attractive coats that a member let us borrow one night. She was like, YOU'LL DIE FROM FROSTBITE HERMANITAS!!!!!!!! And freaked out, hahahha. (It was like maybe 50 degrees, if that.) She´s a sweetheart. 

I got a speaking assignment for church next week, it was all official like printed out as a leter from the Bishopric. It was addressed to Hermana WOUMEN. Yep. Holler. Been in this ward for over 3 months and they still can´t say my name right. Some can though, they act like they´re shooting arrows at me. Hahaha, I LOVE EL EDÉN, I´m never leaving. 
Cute wittol children

Tues- great lesson with Edison (less active) and Patty (his pregnant Girl Friend, our investigator). We watched the Restauration video and it was way spiritual and then she read all of the Joseph Smith History. I was also dying sick. But then I got better. It´s so cool because whenever I feel sick - during lessons - from the opening to the closing prayer, I feel totally fine. But then I feel blech again. But I´m totally alert during the lesson. Being a missionary is so cool.
WHAT COOL GRAFITTI!!!!!!!!!! wonder who wrote it. heh heh heh. It's really light and you probs cant read it, but it says, SER MORMÓN ES SER FELIZ! ("To be Mormon is to be happy.") That´s like a phrase in sudamérica.

Weds- I officially turned 9 months old. Sniff sniff. We had a GREAT lesson with the R fam, about the Word of Wisdom. All of them have issues with coffee (most costeños do) But all committed to give it up. It was pretty fun. There were like 9 people there listening. It´s kinda like the Bybee house, there´s always random people there. They all sat down and listened and we got 2 new investigators out of it. Yay for references! THE WORD OF WISDOM IS GREAT Y'ALL. It´s do-able, I promise. 
MY NINE MONTH PREGGERS PIC! (It´s a mish tradish) Feliz cumple, bb! jejeje (DISCLAIMER: JKJKJK)

Thurs- We had our Zone Conference and President showed up with his wife. Our Zone Leaders did a really good job at capacitating us (is that a word in English??) We learned all about how we an be better Disciples of Christ. It was really good. Then we ate sandwiches. All good meetings end with food. 

We visited Morelia and she hadn´t drank any coffee!!!!! SO after jumping up and down and squeezing her eyeballs out with a hug we took a pic. Yay. 

US WITH MORELIA!!!! She won a pic because she didn´t drink coffee for a week. We were SO DANG PROUD. sniff sniff

Fri- We had probbbbblllllllly one of the most spiritual lessons of my whole life with Edison. It just started as inspired questions and whatnot and then we got to his iceberg and just full testified of the Atonement. I cried. It was so good. The Spirit was SO strong. I am SO incredibly grateful for our Big Brother Jesus Christ and for the fact that He loves us SO much, and that there is aaaallways hope. It was such a good lesson. We left him full stuff to read. I know that if I can touch one soul, ONE life, one person, then I will be more than satisfied. I love this work. 

Sat- TUKO SATURDAY. (tuko means strong in Quichua or something) Holy guacamole, I didn´t even know that it was possible to do SO much in one day. Edison had read everything that we left him and had prayed and whatnot and he was just BEAMING from ear to ear. It was the biggest change. I love being a missionary and witnessing the hand of God in His children´s lives. 
                             The shirts I designed! I´m known for designing shirts in the mission now ahhahaha. 

We taught an English class and some members were cleaning the Chapel and didn´t have keys. (We doooo, because we are ze missionaries) and so we waited for them to finish up and set the alarm, and locked up the chapel. WELL, we were like all the way to the bus stop and then all of the sudden we hear the insanely loud church alarm go off. Chuuuutaaa, we went sprinting back and then see the Hermano we were teaching English earlier that afternoon waving from behind the locked door. Hahahahhaa it was so funnny. So, naturally, we let him out. 
Our zona. The best one. 

We visited two new families, and got a ton of references, and some recent converts and a ton of other stuff. Oh and we were fasting too. It was an eventful day! 
Me and my fave fambam from La Luz


Sunday- We went over and taught some of Rami (a Returned Missionaries´s) amigos. We went to both wards, like the last 6 weeks. 6 hours of church, yay blessings hahaha. Elder Rubish spoke in La Luz ward and told a cool story about Helaman 5:12 and Lake Powell. 


 Anywaaaaaaaaays, we had 13 investigators at church. It was a really good day for them to come, too. It was a missionary farewell for Elder Luis Fernando Jimenez.  He´s going to Salt Lake City South... Give him a shoutout in a couple weeks when he´s outta the Missionary Training Center! And we sang a special number, Divina Luz (Lead Kindly Light, my fave) with the last verse in English. The Spirit was SO strong. I love music. 

Then after church we had correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and then we were asked to stay and sing for Luis Fer´s setting apart. People booking us left and right! lol, I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. But it was really awesome to stay for that. The Spirit was SO strong. I cried. It reminded me of when I got set apart. It's like, this bubble forms around you and you instantly feel like this electricity run through you and you´re just so incredibly empowered and just elevated. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I remember President Crandall saying he wasn´t looking forward to popping my bubble. And now look, 9 months have wizzed by. I can´t believe how SHORT this time to serve the Lord full-time is. 

Monday- cleaned the house and made popcorn aaaaaaaand studied and then went to the offices and gave (Cousin) Daniel (Elder Bowman) some Mountain Dew that the Edwards hooked us up with (shoutout). He was so excited. And we passed a ton of references to the Quito mish. And then we went to McDonalds because we were trunky for the US food, aaaand now we are gonna go grocery shopping. 


Other news:
-Alonso moved to the coast. Hopefully the Elders out there will baptize him! He´s like 100% ready.
-We always get free fruit and flowers on the street cuz we are two gringas hahaha, and missionaries. People love missionaries in general here. It´s nice. Because in Guayaquil, they get shot at. 

-We have made up some really cool remixes of Disney songs hahahah. With missionary words. We were singing BYE BYE BYE by Nsync, but saying, ¨ain´t no lie, get-bap-tiiiiizedddd!¨ and then this latina lasy who speaks English came up to us and asked how she can know more about our church and when we could come teach her. Ha! 

-We are planning a really cool obra missional (missionary work) activity for our ward. 

-Our ward mission leader told the whole class that he saw a blonde missionary jumping and skipping and singing in the street. And then everyone looked at me and I got really red. WHAT, I LIKE PREACHING THE GOSPEL :) 

Because our Father in Heaven knows, loves, and understands us, He has built into the Gospel countless ways to bless and strengthen us... Keeping the commandments! If we are alllllmost obedient then we are allllllmost blessed. Remember D&C 6:36-37  
36 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.
 37 Behold the wounds which pierced my side, and also the prints of the nails in my hands and feet; be faithful, keep my commandments, and ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. 
 I love that! Remember our Savior. He is there to help us be a little better each and every day, to carry us when we can´t any longer, and just to love us and comfort us. It is clear to see how deeply He loves us, each one of us, and how much He wants us to be eternally happy with Him... and that should make it easy for all of us to trust in Him.
I LOVE THIS WORK. God LIVES. Jesus is the Christ. 

Make good choicesss!

con muchísimo amor, (with a whole lot of love)

Hermana (Sister) Bowman 
COTOPAXI!!!!! from our window

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