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Aug 19, 2014

I think I´m a farmer...

Santa Vacaaaaaaaaa! HOLY COW.  We have had a ton of temblores! Or tremors or whatever they´re called in English. There have been like at least one or two a day but the strongest one was on Tuesday at the pointage of 5.2. It was fun. We were in the chapel on Saturday morning and felt a big one too. BUT we were at church, so obviously, we were safe. It´s been fun! Ha.
A bunny I found. So cute. I love the wood land animals.

Me and ¨the Muir¨, love this sista! She´s great. She´s a Utahn but we still love her. 

Anyways. This week has been great. We had a lot of adventures. I love being a missionary. I really do. So much. I know that there´s a reason for everything and that God needs me right where He´s got me. The people we meet daily are just so awesome. I love sharing smiles and the Gospel with everyone! Even if some people slam doors in our faces and insult us, it´s all good! It´s just not their time yet. I think I´m a farmer. I like to plant seeds. Yay! 
Natalie got into our page marker stickers....... hahahha love her. She´s our recent convert, Blanca´s daughter. Such a little stinker, she pulls out ALL our stuff from our backpacks while we teach. We are investing in toys for children. I always have stickers and candy but that doesn´t keep her too entertained for long. She´s so sweet though. We always say, ¨Nati, vamos a hacer amen! amen! Ponte lista para hacer amen!¨ And she folds her arms and squuuuueeeezes her eyes shut. 

There are ups and downs in the mish. For example, last Monday I bought myself ice cream and then it fell. And then inexplicably I broke out in tears. Which is completely ridiculous, yet classic. I was laughing through the tears though. Yay for being a girl! Missionaries have feelings too. Ha, rollacoasta.

I gave a talk on Sunday on the Plan of Salvation (my favorite) and then afterwards, Jared came up to me and asked me why I´m so happy all the time, and why I´m always smiling. It was a nice lil' compliment. I´m positive it's because of the Gospel. I knowwww it! So grateful for the Plan of Happiness! And being a missionary. I love being a missionary.
We introduced peanut butter to Morelia & fam...
We had a really good and spiritual lesson with Fernando and Luis. They really understand the importance of the Atonement. Which is so key in conversion. I personally am so incredibly grateful for my Savior and for the opportunity we have to choose to repent and better ourselves through His sacrifice for each and every one of us. It´s real. We can all apply it to our lives. God´s plan is perfectly perfect! 

It goes: Jose, Fernando, Morelia, Luis, Hna Stephensen, Moi, and Vanessa.


Fernando got to church like 25 minutes early, all by himself! HE'S GOLDEN!  We love him.  He´s so awesome. He was sitting in the chapel reading the Book or Mormon. It's absolutely amazing to be a part of peoples' conversions! It makes me so proud as I get to witness them progress in the Gospel. 

The dinna that the R. fambam made for us. They said that we are like their hermanas (sisters). But not hermanas de la iglesia, sino que hermanas de sangre (sisters of the church more like blood relatives). They´re such an awesome family! We are having a Family Home Evening tonight at their house and we´re gonna teach them how to make pancakes and brownies. Luis and Fernando have been coming to church for like 4 weeks now, and they passed their baptismal interview... But they´re going to the coast (their madre tierra or home land) so their fecha baptismal (baptismal date) changed to the 30th. By then, Morelia should be ready too! 

HERMANA ALBARAN MADE US BURRITOS!!!!!! She knows how much we loves them, and she knew that cambios (transfers)were coming up and wanted to make them for us. She´s the sweetest. She reminds me of Otavalo, probably because she´s from there. But she´s the sweetest little thing. 

We went bowling again.

Obispo (the Bishop) came with us to visit Carlos, one of our lesser actives. He totally opened up about his life and how when he first got baptized, he hadn´t ever received an answer. Well, after one of the MOST spiritual lessons of my whole life, Carlos agreed to pray and ask for an answer. Well, lo and behold, Carlos walked into Sacrament meeting this Sunday with the biggest smile on his face and his triple (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, & Pearl of Great Price) it was such a happy moment for all of us! 
Me and the Bishop.  He´s the "bomb dot com". Obispo Mora. His kid is coming home from his mission this next week from Brazil. He´s probably one of the best bishops I´ve had out here on the mission. (Shoutout to Bishop Reese in UT, Bishop Bair in ID, and Bishop Fry in TX :) 

As for our other lesser active, Edison... he is reading! ALL BY HIMSELF! So proud of him. We had a really good discussion about Moroni 7. He wants more charity in his life, and he´s striving to be more like Christ. I am so happy for him. I really can testify that prayer WORKS.  And that even if you´ve been off the path for a reeeealllly long time, there´s nothing keeping ya from gettin back on! I am so thankful to know Edi and see his progress. :) I LOVE LIFE.
Someone doesn´t know how to position the camera :)

Us at our district meeting. It was our District Leader´s trainers b-day. We have lots of gringos. Remember when I was the token white girl for 12 weeks!? Those days are long gone. Go distrito 1!

Cootie catchers on the bus with the bus tickets!

I found out that my favorite drink is Güitig. IT'S DELICIOUS. It´s naturally bubbly water that comes from Machachi springs at the base of the Cotopaxi mountain. And it´s like 40 cents a bottle. Yay for cheap things.

Fave scrip of the week, Alma 26:3 ¨Behold, I answer for you; for our brethren, the Lamanites, were in darkness, yea, even in the darkest abyss, but behold, how many of them are brought to behold the marvelous light of God! And this isthe blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in the hands of God to bring about this great work.¨ It´s so incredibly amazing to be working amongst the Lamanites. And it truly is the biggest blessing to be instrument´s in God´s hands to help others come unto this light of the Gospel. I feel so priviliged to be a part of this increeeedible work!
Well, I love all y'all and I´m way grateful for each of you in my life. Thanks for supporting me while I´m out here. Couldn´t imagine my life any other way!
I LOVE THIS HERMANA (SISTER)!!! She´s like my momma out here, she cooks really well, and sews my broken skirts, and makes fun of me, and is just the best ever. Anita A!

I love all y'alllll!!!!

Con amor, (with love)
Hermana Sister Bowman
My favies from the La Luz ward. Teresa, Lucía, and Paul´s Mom. I usually forget her name but she´s awesome and she brings us tostado all the time. I think she likes us better than the actual Elders in her ward, lololol.

Sox swag.

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