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Aug 27, 2014


Selfie on the top of WawaPichincha

Herro fambam. ¿QUE TAAAAL? (How's it going?)

This week we had the grand opportunity to go out with our mission President´s wife, Hermana Sister Richardson. It was REALLY incredible. She had contacted a guard at her daughter´s school (which happens to be in our area) and wanted to go place a Book of Mormon and introduce him to us so we could begin to teach him. Well, he wasn´t there, but we contacted the guard that was on duty, Manuel. Turns out he had JUST been praying and then we walked in. It was really crazy. We had a really, reeeeally spiritual lesson with him (Hna. Richardson is incrediiiiiiible)  and read the Book of Mormon with him and stuff.  He lives in the south, so we hafta pass the referral to Daniel, er, Elder Bowman, but we are gonna keep visiting him at his work for a little while. 

Estefanía and me.  She owns a bakery and loves us, so we always get free stuff anytime we walk by. 
She´s reading the Book or Mormon and really likes the Plan of Salvation. 

We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission these next three months and marking all that has to do with Christ in red, and our personal revelation and stuff that has to do with diligence in blue. I INVITE Y'ALL TO JOIN MEEEE! It´s so good. Every single time I read the Book of Mormon, my testimony totally grows, and I can see how this incredible book can touch our lives as well as the lives of others. It TOTALLY applies to our lives in these days. I love it so very much and I am getting so much out of it this round. IT'S SO TRUE Y'ALL. 

Hey look! Holes in my shoes...(& sock, dang it). The other one looks the same. 
I must be a missionary or something....

We had interviews with the President and we went in with a ¨weapon of rebellion¨ (see Alma 23:7 and also Bednar´s talk, ) and buried it! Not sayin´ we´re rebs or anything, but it was really a cool thing to do. We can each do that! Like, look for something that is inhibiting (is that a word?) us from getting closer to our Savior, and then get rid of it. It's a tad challenging but so rewarding, plus y'all will have the Lord´s help. I love Pres and his wife! They´re both so awesome. I am really grateful I'm in this mish with them. They totally are guided by the Spirit and always know what to say. I love 'em.
DreamTEAMMMMMMMM! Stephenman Bowsen... we´re lame, I know. Brangelina 

Something pretty cool happened this week, we went to a ¨reference¨ or referral. When we contacted him, and told him who had sent us, he was like, ¨Uhhh, I have no idea who that is...?¨ and he had hardly even heard of the church before. But he was waaay open. Turn out the Elder´s Quorum Pres was trying to contact Javier A, who is a recent convert´s hubbie, to try and fellowship him. Well, we contacted Javier A... who is their next door neighbor (with a different last name)! But it was TOTALLY inspired. We shared the message of the Restoration right there with him and before we could even finish, he wanted the Church´s address. When we read Amos 8:11-12, he was describing how he hungered, his soul was thirsty, and he needed to calm that thirst, so that very week, he began to read the New Testament because he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. And then, we were guided to his door through some inspired miscommunication. We gave him a Libro de Mormon (Book of Mormon) and then he prayed. It was really incredible. 
Our Gospel Principles class had over 30 people on a recent Sunday. (I was reverent about taking this...)

We did invasions (where all of the companierisms [ok I really don't know if that's a word] in the district take a couple hours out of their day in their sector and all go to the area of one companionship to help them out a tad) in the Bella Aurora sector this week and found like 6 new people and a family and even stumbled over a lesser-active. It was a super successful day in their sector. It´s fun to go help other missionaries.
                                   The R - A fambam we´ve been teaching!!! I LOVE THEM!

Edison (our not-so-lesser-active) is doing REALLY well. He brought one of his friends/coworkers over to hear the Gospel, it was awesome. He even whipped out some scriptures he has been studying. Hahah, he asked, ¨¿Cómo se llama el primer libro del Nuevo Testamento?¨ (What's the first book in the New Testament called?) ...Mateo  (Matthew) ¨SIIII, es increíble, ¿no?¨ (Yes, It's incredible, isn't it?)  He´s super stoked and brought friends to church and stuff. It´s like literally 180 degrees from before. 

Hahahhahaha, the Hermana Bowman pose. It was their idea..... not mine. Bueno. These two got baptized recently! They´re from the costa and they literally TURNED THEIR LIVES AROUND. 

HA we contacted this guy in Nayón, and he´s like, ¨HEY y'all are missionaries. Let's see if you can answer this question... WHY DO WOMEN EXIST?¨ Like, I mean, we get funny questions once in a while but this was hilarious. We were starting to answer and before we could even get a complete sentence out, he got all heated and interrupted us and was saying, ¨THERES NO WAY WE CAN BE EQUAL! I CARRY THE GAS TANK. ME, NOT HER. I´M CATHOLIC.¨ and then walked away muttering and laughing as if he had ¨won¨or something. We were just like, aaaaalllrighty then. Hahahah. I love people. 

These crazy children. They call me Ñaña Bowman (Sister in Quichua) SOO CUTEEEE.
 I love them. and they´re really fun.

Hanging out with all of the future members of the church, and a Returned Missionary, Ramiro C. 

Wellllll, on Saturday night we were peacefully sleeping, all happy, dreaming of all our investigators at church the next day when all of a sudden both me and Hna. S wake up to trumpets and guitars and a ton of Mexican songs. WAIT WHAT? WE DON´T EVEN LIVE IN MEXICO?¿?¿ First we thought it was just the members downstairs playing music. But it was 12:34 am... on SUNDAY.... and then we realized that there was a LIVE MARIACHI BAND DOWNSTAIRS hahahhha. It was hilarious. But it was really loud and it lasted 30 mins (thank goodness. Because I remember weddings in Otavalo, and those were like 3 days straight, night and day of the same exact song on repeat.) But anyways, it was Hermano Flores´s bday so I guess they ordered a Mariachi band, servicio a domicile (house call) lol: We had our own little mariachi band serenade. Fun stuff. 

12.30am, woken from our slumber. Confused....

We are reaaally aprovechando (taking advantage) of our remaining two weeks together. Cambios (transfers) are on the 7th of September and I am aaaalmost 500% sure that I´m gonna be leaving El Edén. It´ll have been 4 months. Bittersweet. I love this ward, and my companion. She´s awesome... Pero, ya. Toca. (Idk how to translate that saying into English.) 
Us today at our zone activity. We played volley again. It´s so funnnnn.


WELLLL I love all y'all. Thanks for bein´such a support to me. I love each and every one of you. Lemme know if y'all need anything!

Con amor (with love),
Hermana (Sister) Bowman

View from the Teleférico about a month ago.

HELLO WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! There´s our mish! Holler.

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