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Mar 19, 2015


Chuta y'all.
LOOK AT MY COOL KICHWA PLACA!!!!! Isn't it tight?!?!? 

This week was spiritually uplifting, aaaaaas always. I wish I could scan my study journal in and send it out to all y'all. But it FLEW, y'all, f-l-e-w. It was so fast! I cannot believe it. So, I can't really remember anything that happened. And I forgot my journal. Sowee. I DO remember that I broke a toilet....ha...haha..ha. Oopsies.

Well, I went to Quito twice to the doctor and I got tests on tests on tests, complete with.... an ultrasound. WHAT THE HECK did not think I would be getting one of those anytime soon, ESPECIALLY not on the mish - ahhahahha. But everything is good with my liver and all the other things they checked up on. I have 5 months to live. Hhaha, just kidding, y'all, I'm fine.

I just have a bunch of colon problems and can't eat gluten or dairy or bread or CHOCOLATE. So I got pills I get to take every 4 hours and a strict diet, when I follow it, I FEEL GRRREAAAAAAT! Like superwoman! It's so awesome. but if I forget a pill, it hurts and I can't walk and it's a trainwreck.

This morning when we were walking home from the track like 2 miles from our house, we decided to take the railroad tracks 'cuz it was shorter than taking the road and I was balancing on the metal part (idk what the real term is for that) and noticed that if I kept positive thoughts, I could balance longer, but when doubt crept in, or I got distracted (squirrel!), I would fall. 

Then I started to think about Matthew 14:22-33, where Peter tries to walk on water out to Christ, because Christ beckons him. He's doing really well until he gets sidetracked and all caught up in his surroundings and starts to doubt..He let fear replace his faith. (2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.") He falls. But IMMEDIATELY, Christ reaches out to him and catches him. 

Christ is continually there for us. Even when we fall and have little faith, He is there. He calls out to us, He calms the storm, He will continually reach for us. It's up to us to accept Him in our lives. Fear is the opposite of Faith. Faith is what moves us, what inspires and motivates us to action. I know that faith is absolutely principal in our conversion. It is our anchor. :) Aaanyways, those were some of my thoughts this morning. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Con amor (with love), 
Hermana (Sister) Bowman 

PS SHOUTOUT TO THE MILLERS!!!! I do not know who y'all are, but y'all are saints. I very much enjoyed the KitKats from y'alls package (before I was banned from eating chocolate). Thank you SOSOOSO MUCH! :):):):)

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