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May 5, 2015



Well this week was so good. 

YUMMMMMMMMM. Choclo frito with my fave mamita, Petrona Burga. She's a doll. 

-Our investigator, Julian (who I call Julius) is on fire. It's so incredible to see his change that he's had as he keeps learning about the Gospel. His repentance is noticable. you can literally see the Atonement working in him, IT'S THE GREATEST THING ABOUT BEING A MISSIONARY. I love that as a trend throughout my whole mission, all my converts and all the people I have taught become happier. It's like a ley de los cielos (law of Heaven), you just become happier as you reconcile yourself with God and leave behind the bad and start doing the good. The Miracle of the Atonement is the biggest. I have seen it in my life and love seeing it work in others' as well. 

US WITH JULIUS!!!!! Julian is such a cool guy.

-We prayed on Saturday night to eat pescado frito (fried fish) at the mamita's on Sunday (apparently she makes REALLY good fried fish) aaaaaaand we were fasting and then they didn't come to church and canceled lunch HAHAH. No other members could give us food so we went home and made... drumroll, rice and TUNA. Guarantee that Heavenly Father has a really great sense of humor - hahahhaha :) 

Our ward is bossssss. Cotamamaamama!

-President wrote me and said, "May you enjoy your miracles of May... Maravilla de Mayo until you get on the plane!" SO WEIRD THAT THIS IS MY LAST MONTH. 

This is our campo (country) fashion.

Been working hard and enjoying every last second of everything. Even the bug bites and the sunburns. It's all worth it. I love being a missionary. I've been writing out my testimony and it never seems to end. The Gospel is SOOO GREAAAAAAATTTTT. I'm a fan. 

But the river is...... sewage?!

glassez swaG

So I love that we al chose to be here on Earth, I know I say that a lot, but it's what motivates me. I know that we are all stoked to become eternal families but something I love about missionary work is that we are working so that Heavenly Father can have His eternal fam. He wants EACH and EVERY ONE OF US back in His arms. This is why we have the perfect path of the Gospel in our lives.
Famlies are the biggest blessing. I think I had to come out here to realize it. I love you guys. (I promise I'm not trunky. I was just reflecting a lot on that this past week.) :P

Con Amor (with love),

Hermana (Sister) Lauren Bowmannnnanananana

Us with the pigs our zone leaders brought to our training last week -- hahaaha.
Its name is chancho (pig).

PS Skype, Sunday at 5:30pm Ecuador time. Be there or be square. :)

PPS SO STOKED TO SEE YOU, JORDAN!!! :) Excited to have the WHOLE DANG FAM together again after like 4 years :) Weeeeeeee

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