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May 18, 2015

So grateful for all the blessings and miracles that have happened.


Today marks 18 months since I got to Ecuador. :) I arrived the 18th of Nov 2013. All excited to share the Gospel and meet all the people I had promised I would teach in the pre-existance. AND NOW, look. It's been 18 glorious monthssssssssss :-) So grateful for all the blessings and miracles that have happened. 

So anyways, this week was amaaaaaaazingggggggggggg.
The best way to finish :-)

Church yesterday was great. In both wards! Imbaya Ward had a baptism yesterday and so did Cotama Ward, so we had 2 confirmations! I was asked to give my testimony (and then a talk, like 2 seconds before the meeting started) in Cotama. I spoke on conversion. I tried REALLY hard not to cry but when I testified of Jesus Christ, I couldn't keep back the tears. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the true church. He is our SAVIOR. And REDEEMER. It was a good Sunday

So then, last night I went to the terminal and some converts and members were there to say bye, so sweet of them. I hopped on the bus with Hna (Sis) Obendorf and Hna (Sis) Conder (Sidebar: I traveled to Washington DC with Hna Conder to get our travel visas ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO. And Hna Obendorf and I have been bffs since before the mish, too) We arrived in Quito 3 hours later, at about 8pm. We all went through our suitcases because they are all overweight -- hehe, typical. And then I climbed into the same bunkbed I slept in the first night I was here. It's next to a giant window so you can see all of downtown Quito :) 

JULIAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was so awesome. In the watafaaaaaaaaallll. Super spiritual. He is rock solid too. His testimony was really powerful. I have pics, I will upload them Weds.

We worked really hard. Testified my little heart out all the day long every day. 
Cried some. 
Prayed like Enos. 
This mission, gosh, there are no words to describe it. 
I will write another final entry on Wednesday once I can think straight! 
Stay tuned - hehe.

Remember who y'all are and make good choices :)

Con amor (with love),  

Hermana (Sister) Lauren Michelle Bowman

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