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Jan 12, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude

Dearest Family and fwiends, 
We had changes today, but I stayed here in HEAVEN, barrio (ward) Otavalo. Aaaand, guess who is gunna train again!? Meeeeee! I'm stoked. Who will it beee!? The suspense is killing me, ha! Right now I'm hanging out with Hermana (Sister) Deveraux, she´s from Nauvoo, Illinois and will go home in like 3 months. She's awesome. She's gunna train too, so we're comps for a couple days until we go to Quito on Wednesday to go and pick up our hijas (daughters)! Wooo. That'll be fun. This ward is probs the best ward everrrrr to start out a mission in, so that hermana (sister) will be blessed. 

Hanging out with my favorite Young Single Adult girlzzzz:
Gabi, Cristal, Diana, & Sandry
FAMILIA TITUAÑA, after teaching about HOLA  (Hello) [Hay que, Orar, Leer, Asistir] (Need to, Pray, Read, Attend) the three pilars of our conversion, and playing a fun game with spoons and cups. We made it so it balanced stuff.

Tuesday, we went to Quito and did divisions with the two nurses to help them with their medical appointments (SO MANY SICK MISSIONARIES, it's crazy) because we had to stay the night anyways 'cuz we had a meeting with President that night at the mission home. It was way fun. We went to the offices and helped a lot, too. I like being in Quito, but I LOVE OTAVALO.  That day I missed giving lessons and contacting and stuff (JUST ONE DAY, imagine when it's over, I think I might die). But it was great. We went to the mission home that evening and I chatted with Hermana (Sister) Richardson while President Richardson talked to my companion about some stuff. I love being in the mission home! It's like being in the temple. The spirit is just SO strong there. Then we went over to the nurse's house and had a giant sleepover with all the other missionaries that were in town for medical appointments. We made arepas and talked and stuff. Also, I TURNED 14 MONTHS OLD. Nooooo. Only 4 months left. I don't wanna think about it. I don't like my birthmonths anymore, they're sad!!! 

Making arepas with my convert last night.... I'm not a karishina anymore - jejeje. SHE'S SO CUTE! I Love Margarita so mucccccchooo. 

Saying 'bye to our next door neighbors this morning 
when Hna (Sis) Corne left for Quito.

Thursday, we discussed the talk, WHICH WAY DO YOU FACE in our mini conference with our zone. It is SUCH A GOOD TALK. I invite all yall to read it this week and ponder about which way you´re facing. It kinda goes along with the Appraoch the Throne of God talk, too. ( )

le view

Friday, I had divisions with one of my faveys, the MUIR. Hermana (Sister) Muir from Utah. She's awesome. She's actually going home tomorrow, she's finished her mish! AH! But it was way fun, we worked pretty hard and visited a ton of less-actives. and then had some tacos for dinner. I love her! 

The view.

Sunday, took all the pictures because we realized we hadn't taken any all week, heh. Oooopsss. It was a good Sunday. I love Sundays. 
Inti and Abraham 
GRATITUDE is so key, y'all. When we are gratfeul in any circumstance, and just pray to thank the Lord and to count all of our many blessings, tender mercies, and mighty miracles, our spiritual eyes are opened and we are able to receive even more light and more happiness in our lives. It's a true principle and I invite all y'all to put it into practice in y'alls lives. :) ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE --- WEEEE! 

Hahaha, 'Gangstas'

Also, I know we can find answers in the scriptures. Personal revelation is so direct. It comes straight from Heaven when we are ready and open to it and the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Prayer is a powerful tool -- I can totally testify of that. I am continuing to develop a better and stronger relationship with Heavenly Father and putting more and more of my trust in Christ and the results are incredible. 
ñuka kanda juyani ( I LOVE YOU in Quichua, hehe)
Con amor (with love),


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