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Jan 28, 2015

miracles and parasites and dog bites, oh my!


This week was great, as usual. I love the mission. 
Monday, we taught some old investigators from the area book, and tonight we have a Family Home Evening (FHE) with them with the Bishopric, should be good! 
Mt. Cotacachi, you are so majestic and beautifulllllllllllllll!

The Otavalo sistas! ...and assistants

Found these graffitis in different parts of town heh heh, scavenger hunt! 

Tuesday, I was about to die. I couldn't eat anything for the past 2 weeks because after like 3 minutes of eating, I'd just throw it up. It was pretty horrible. But alllllll the members were offfering me aguita de oregano (oregano water), which has become a part of my daily routine, hah! It seems like pizza water at first, but it really does help calm down your tummy. 

Asleep in a hammock. 


We had an all day capacitation (training) with our President and the assistants. It was waaaayy gooooddd. We learned about virtue and studied two talks:
 "Which Way Do You Face" by Elder Lynn G. Robbins 

and my FAVE "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" by Elder Jorg Klebingat 

We also learned how we need to give Lesson 6 (about Tithing... the Area Presidency has asked us to reteach it) before people can be rescued or baptized. It was a really good capacitacion from 2-8pm.  

Hermana Allred, from McKinney Stake! 
Pres Packard set her apart, HELLO SMALL WORLD!!!!! Texas pride, y'all.

We went out and contacted before we went home 'cuz we had a whole hour left, and found a REALLY prepared investigator! Her name is Jacqueline and she just moved into our sector from Peguche (my first sector, awww). We went back and taught her later this week and when we whipped out the Book of Mormon... 

She was like, ¨I´VE SEEN THAT BEFORE! Does that book change? Is it the same? Because I read it 8 years ago.¨ We were like, ¨¿Qqqueeeeeeee?¨ ("Whaaaaat?") and we have continued to teach her. She's got amazing questions and is so awesome. Goes to show that it's always worth it to work up to the last minute because the Lord has prepared people on every corner. 

Here are the Lema Campo fambam and were my mamita (gave us lunch) every Wednesday more than a year ago, when I first started in Peguche. After we visited them for a little while, they went to the Temple and got SEALED! I love this family so much! Hermana Rocio is the Primary President now and Javier is the Ward Secretary. I love them so much!!!!

Hung out with my fave fam of members and made brownies with them. Their son Byron is SO CUTE - AHHHH.
THEY ARE SO CUTE IN THEIR BOOTS, LOOK AT THEM!!! AHHH! :) They were playing teacher and ripped apart all the pamphlets that we gave them and stuck them on the ice cream fridge thing. Thats Illariy and Nahima, Cristina and Marcelo's kiddos.

Our next door neighbor, Abby. She is holding FUXION, it's like the biggest thing here. It's actually kinda annoying. It's like Cristal Light on steriods and it's like Mary Kay or whatever where you have to sell it and get other people to sell it too. Ya know!? ANYWAYS, point of the pic is that she's SUPER CUTEEEEEEEEEE. She always knocks on our door and says HEMANAS HEMAAANAAAASSSSSS.  And then gives us a kiss. So sweet.

Thursday I got bit by a dog. IT WAS INTENSE Y'ALL. Gotta love the mission. Hahah, I called the nurse and she said that there hasn't been a case of rabies in Ecuador for about 20 years -- so I'm fine. 


Friday I went to Quito and saw my favorite Dr. Freddy Andrade. (I've gone to see him with a handful of my comps, but this time he pointed out, was the patient, LOL) But he said that I'm lactose intolerant (we already knew this), that I have parasites AGAIN, and that I may have some other digestive disease that lots of missionaries tend to get here... But gave me a ton of pills, one called the ¨BOMB¨ which should clean anything and everything out.... And I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON!!! I've been taking them for about 3 days but have seen such a big difference. We went to the offices for a little while too. 

ME WITH ALL MY PILLS! Hollllllaaaa. Gotta love that parasite lyfe.

Saturday we had a miracle! So y'all remember Sindy, right?! (BTW SHE FOUND MY BLOG, WHAT. And lots of missionaries tell me that they religiously read my blog before their mish... oh... hahaha HI TO ALL THE FUTURE MISSIONARIES FOR MISION ECUADOR QUITO NORTE THAT ARE READING THIS!) Well, we taught her a couple times the 1st week of the change and she seemed to be really interested. She then dissappeared off the face of the planet and we weren´t able to find her for about 4 days. 

We were going out to visit with a member, Cristal, who is one of the ward missionaries and said a prayer before we left her house... in that prayer I asked for the people who needed us that afternoon to be put in our path. We were headed up the mountain and then all of a sudden, lo and behold, there was SINDY POTOSI! We went into her house and taught about the Book of Mormon, well, she was already in 2nd Nephi! WAIT WHAT!? After only a few days. It was a miracle. 

Cristal and she really hit it off.  They got along really well. She came to church yesterday and we introduces her to all the Jovenes Adultos Solteros (Young Single Adults) and then she went to a movie night they had at the Chapel where they watched the Restoration. She's doing very, very, well. I love her!

SINDYYYY AND CRISTAL! They're so cute. 
Cristal is her fellowshipper (one of many). 

We are so cute, aw. 

Hanging out with the JAS, I mean, YSA (Young Single Adults). Well, we weren't hanging out, we were actually dropping Sindy off to have a movie night with them in the chapel to watch the Restoration video. 

Y'all, I know that the church is most definitely TRUE. The Book of Mormon is amazing, it can help answer our soul's questions. I know that Christ loves us, I know that aaallllll that we're doing here on Earth has a purpose, maybe bigger than we even can comprehend at the moment. 

At choich. Marty B, to my left, will be sending off her papers for the mish on Weds, eeeee! We helped her fill them out and everything. (That's why she's wearing my nametag, haha.)

Know that I love each and every one of y'all and I constantly pray for y'all. I actually prayed for almost 3 hours one night this week when I couldn't sleep, and I KNOW that the power of prayer is just so big and so powerful. I know that God hears us, knows us, loves us, and anxiously wants us to choose the right and choose to let Him help us. The Lord's arm of mercy and grace is continually extended towards us. I know that Christ's love and Atonement is infinite!


Con amor (with love), 

Hermana (Sister) Bowman

These are what we call "the stairs of death"..... 
they go on for what seems to be 6 miles.

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