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Jan 20, 2015

Everyone is family in Ecuador.

Wow. I really don't wanna leave Ecuador. But at the same time, I know it's supposed to happen eventually. THIS IS A WEIRD TIME IN MY LIFE -- AAAHHHH. It's like mid-mish crisis (except I only have 4 months left...) 

So this is called lengua, aka a REALLY delicious type of fish.

Here we are. All the greenies with their trainers. It was a really small group this time.

ANYWAYS, I spoke in Church on the obra misional (missionary work) and the mic went out right as I got up. Typical. But good thing I've got a loud voice! Bishop was teasing me after, when we were eating lunch at his house saying that my message came through very loud, and very clear (I spoke on the Work of Salvation and how members need to pitch in). After Sacrament meeting, a kid came up to me and asked for all the scriptures I used in the talk. It was so cute - awwww. Future Elder right there! ALSO, an hermana (sister) from Quinchuqui moved into the ward and totally recognized me and said "HERMANA, WE MISS YOU! " and I was like, "Woah, that was a year ago, how do you remember me!?" It was so cute, aw. I LOVE EVERYONE IN ECUADOR SO MUCH. 

Our investigator, Sindy. She's SO CUTE!!! this is after we gave her a tour of the Chapel. Hahaha, she wants to go to BYU but we're like, hey girl, let's get you baptized first, okay?

This week has been really great. Hermana Pérez, my new compa, is so sweet. Her story is truly incredible, she's a convert of a yer and 4 months. Her family all got baptized together and then they all got sealed in the Temple! (EVERY MISSIONARY'S DREAM) and now she's serving here, her sister is serving in Chile (Osorno, not Rancagua), and her brudder is gonna serve in Medellín Colombia! (crazy 'cuz thats where me, Jordan, and Dallas are all at...) She's super sweet. She's 26 and is from El Salvador. She is super powerful here in Otavalo too because we've got two families of recent converts who have their eyes set on the Temple, and her story is going to help them so much! 
When I got my new person! My HIJA ("DAUGHTER")!!! Hermana Pérez from El Salvador. Weee. And there's Pres, photo bombing -- heh heh heh.

Her first lesson, :´) They grow up so fast, *sniff, sniff*

Our sector is doing great. All of the members are amazing, as usual. I started crying a couple days ago when we were watching "The District" (training DVDs) for the study training I'm helping Hna Perez with, and it was about a fam where the husband was inactive but then the wife got baptized and he reactivated and it was IDENTICAL to Familia Cabascango! (Cristina and Marcelo) and I was bawling just because I am SO grateful to be here right now. I really do feel like I've been here before. I feel like I've known all the people before... Cristina´s family, especially. They have the biggest place in my heart. She was baptized the 27th of December and her husband, Marcelo Cabascango was rescued yesterday! 

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!! Segundo was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday. So awesome.

Me with the view of Plaza de los Ponchos. This is where the other Hermanas (sisters) of our ward live! SO COOL. We went and cleaned the house in order to prep for the arrival of Hermana Deveraux´s compa.

So this is the view from our bedroom window. A cross... and a giant bird building! Hahahah.

We saw some great little mini-miracles contacting. We've found some really prepared people, and that's motivating my comp a little more. I'm giving it all I've got in helping her. Training again has actually helped me see how much I've progressed. It's crazy. I never wanna leave the mission! It's the best thing that has ever happened, aaaah.

Oh my gosh, hey it's the fam! Hahaha - my desk.

So it's tradition that they give a dozen hens and a dozen cuyes (guinea pigs) whenever the guy goes over to ask for the girl's hand in marriage. LIKE "JOHNNY LINGO" - EIGHT COW WOMAN!!!!!!

Y'all, I can testify that God is SO big and SO great. I know that Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer. He knows us and loves us. His grace is sufficient. I know that we can repent and become better every single day. We can do absolutely anything with Him on our side. I know that this gospel CHANGES LIVES. I have seen it so many times out here on the mish, but also VERY presently in my own life. I am infinitely grateful for the love and patience and guidance that our Father in Heaven offers us. I know that as we manifest our love to Him and our gratitude to Christ, through our actions and obedience, we will be blessed beyond comprehension. When the going gets tough, think about how it wasn't ever easy for Christ either... He did something hard for us, so we cn most definitely do things that may seem hard that He asks of us, because He will be right next to us, every step of the way. 
Look how cute: we have matching monederos (coin purses). I also bought my hija (trainee "daughter") a doll. That has an hija (daughter) too. Hahahha, so cute.

Hadta rehydrate. I am obsessed with green mango Gatorade. Do they have that in the States?!

This is the map of our area. I'm pointing to where we live.


Con amor (with love),

Hermana (Sister) Bowman
OUR ZONE!!!!! We are such happy people :) Otavalo Norte FOR LIFE

RAN INTO PEOPLE I TAUGHT IN MONTESERRÍN IN QUITO like 7 months ago. They were at this proposal party. Turns out they're fam. This shouldn't suprise me. Everyone is family in Ecuador.

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